‘People didn’t know where to go’: Witnesses describe confusion, lockdowns in Las Vegas mass shooting


2 years ago

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Abdi, an eyewitness to the massacre, told RT he might have cheated death when he abandoned his security position in front of the stage and went to chat with friends before the gunman opened fire at the area where he was. 

“I walked away from my post which I’m glad that I did and where I was supposed to be standing was in front of the main stage where majority of the staff was happening,” the young man working security at the event said.

It was not immediately clear to the people in the audience that an attack was under way. It was only half-way through the shooting that they realized they were in imminent danger Abdi said. He further noted that the first round of shots appeared to be synchronized with the song being performed on stage.

“When he [the performer] started singing, the gun started going off and as soon as he stopped the music cut out and the first round of gunshots cut out.”

Only after a second round of gunshots rang out did revelers realize that what they had heard was gunshots, and not “the music messing up,” he said. As soon as he understood this, he “dropped everything and just ran.”

In a search of a safe space, he crammed along with several other fleeing concertgoers at someone’s house as they were unsure of the shooter’s position.

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