'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez Follows Trump-Inspired Driving Directions


1 years ago

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez followed Donald Trump's directions on Thursday's episode of the show.

Host Jimmy Kimmel opened the segment by explaining that it was inspired by Michael Cohen's recent testimonies against Trump. "We've heard a lot this week about the many things Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to do," he said. "Trump loves to give directions. He loves to direct people, so we did an experiment."

The host explained that they took real clips of Trump speaking and plugged them into a navigation app. Rodriguez was then instructed to follow the navigation system's directions.

The clip opened with Rodriguez putting on driving gloves and a helmet before he got behind the wheel of a car.

"OK Trump, lead the way," he told the navigation app. Rodriguez was first instructed to make a right-hand turn on a street and then to make a left into an alley.

Later during the drive, the navigation app, with Trump's voice, told Rodriguez to turn both left and right, though he could not make a right because the direction led to a driveway.

"Make a right. Get off the road. Drive out into the desert," the navigation app instructed. Rodriguez responded, "Where the fuck are you taking me?"

The Trump voice also instructed Rodriguez to back up. He reluctantly drove backwards, though the navigation app told him to go faster. "Faster? Are you crazy?" asked Rodriguez. "I cannot go faster."

"We're gonna die," Trump's voice later said.

As Rodriguez approached a dead end, the app instructed him to continue driving forward. "Are you freaking kidding me?" said Rodriguez as he made his way down the dead-end street.

When Rodriguez stopped so that pedestrians could walk on the crosswalk, the app said, "Hit the whole group of people purposely."

The app later took Rodriguez down another route. After driving straight for a while, the app instructed Rodriguez to make a right and crash into a building. Footage of a car driving into a bank and destroying the building were juxtaposed with clips of Rodriguez trying to maneuver the car. "We have somewhat of a crash," said Trump's voice at the conclusion of the clip.


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