Mike Tyson’s love life has been a wild ride

Sunday - 26/04/2020 16:43
Mike Tyson hasn’t always been lucky in love.Source:News Corp Australia
Mike Tyson hasn’t always been lucky in love.Source:News Corp Australia
Having been married three times, Mike Tyson’s love life has been eventful — especially when he caught Brad Pitt having sex with an ex-wife.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is the most settled he’s ever been.

And that could be because of the influence of his new wife, Lakiha Spicer, The Sun reports.

Spicer is the latest player in Tyson’s love life but before they walked down the aisle, he was wed twice.

First, to American model Robin Givens in 1988, who he later caught in bed with Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt.

Then, to doctor Monica Turner for six years.

ROBIN GIVENS (1988-1989)

The most explosive love affair Tyson had came at the height of his fame.

He and actress Givens married 11 months after their first date, on which they were reportedly joined by her mother and publicist.

“My social skills consisted of putting a guy in a coma,” Tyson wrote in his memoir, Undisputed Truth.

“So maybe Robin was just what the doctor ordered.”

According to Tyson, they had a hastily arranged wedding when Givens announced she was pregnant.

He had already handed Givens and her mum $AUD6 million to buy a New Jersey estate, as well as putting $12.5million in another account for her and her mother.

But shortly after money was exchanged, Givens told Tyson she’d had a miscarriage.

The pair later appeared in cringe-worthy interview with US journalist Barbara Walters, where Givens called Tyson “intimidating” and said her and her mother were frightened of his temper.

Givens filed for divorce soon after the interview, but they continued to see each other.

At that point, Givens began dating Hollywood icon Brad Pitt — and Tyson walked in on the pair having sex.

“Dude, don’t strike me,” Pitt reportedly said as he was faced with the fierce heavyweight.

“You had to see the look on his face,” Tyson wrote in his book. “He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites.”

Tyson’s relationship with Givens didn’t last.
Tyson’s relationship with Givens didn’t last.
Source:News Corp Australia
Givens appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1994.
Givens appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1994.
Source:News Corp Australia


MONICA TURNER (1997-2003)

You could’ve forgiven Tyson for swearing off marriage after his experience with Givens.

But in 1997 he said “I do” to Turner in a quiet Muslim ceremony, seven years after they first met.

Their paths first crossed in 1990 at a party thrown by comedian Eddie Murphy. The pair stayed in touch, even when Tyson was convicted of raping 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington and sent to jail for three years.

Every two weeks Turner visited Tyson in prison as their romance blossomed.

When he was released they set up home in Maryland, where they had hoped to live the quiet life. But their romance wasn’t to last, with Turner later filing for divorce amid claims of adultery.

They have two children together, Rayna and Amir.


Forty-three-year-old Spicer, commonly known as “Kiki”, first met Tyson aged 18, when they were introduced by boxing promoter Don King after one of his bouts.

However, it wasn’t until the early noughties that they began dating, and they married in 2009 — two weeks after the death of Tyson’s daughter, Exodus.

Most recently, Spicer helped develop Tyson’s one-man show The Undisputed Truthon Broadway.

But, despite the longevity of their marriage, it’s been fraught with difficulties and suggestions of infidelity.

Tyson said back in January that he had only been faithful to Spicer for the last two years of their marriage in an interview on rapper T.I.’s podcast.

Spicer has also had her problems with the law. In 2008, she was sentenced to six months in federal jail for defrauding $115,000 from a company owned by her father.

She claimed she taught maths courses in the Sister Clara Muhammad School, however, she allegedly used the school to launder money.

Spicer spent time in jail while carrying Tyson’s baby, and when she came out she found her husband hopelessly addicted to drugs.

With her help, Tyson managed to beat his addiction.

“I’m very happy me and my wife got together, because I don’t know how I would have survived out there”, he told US magazine People.

Tyson hasn’t always been faithful to Spicer.
Tyson hasn’t always been faithful to Spicer.Source:AP

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