US election 2020: World reaction to long queues of voters in US

Wednesday - 14/10/2020 10:32
GETTY IMAGES / Some Texas voters got up early and still faced long lines on Tuesday
GETTY IMAGES / Some Texas voters got up early and still faced long lines on Tuesday
Long queues to vote in the US have been celebrated by some of those who endured them as a welcome sign of enthusiasm. But outside America, there was a different take.

You may think waiting 11 hours to vote would be the height of frustration, but not for one family in Georgia. 

"We made it, y'all," says Johnta Austin in one viral video filmed as they reach the front of the queue, describing the lengthy process as an "honour".

With early voting under way across much of the US, social media images show long queues of people, sometimes waiting for hours, patiently inching their way in line towards the polling booth.

Some African Americans, including journalist Roland Martin in Texas, say they wept when they discovered such a motivated electorate on the morning of the vote.

In a video that shows a Black Lives Matter sign on the building, Martin says he cried after finding a "massive line after the polls had been open 27 minutes", and that he prepared to vote by listening to protest songs from this summer.

Many of the Americans taking to the internet to show their voting pride are black. They say their vote is a continuation of the civil rights struggle, which they feel has been invigorated by the Black Lives Matter movement.

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