‘Dallas massacre: Mini 9/11 to enflame hatred of African Americans’

We have no sniping schools. The only Black sniper in the history of this country - John Muhammad - was trained by the US military, Dr. Randy Short, member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace organization, told RT.

‘Dallas massacre: Mini 9/11 to enflame hatred of African Americans’

Marchers protest against police shootings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota during a demonstration in Dallas, Texas, U.S. July 7, 2016. © Dallas Police Department / Reuters
Several snipers on Friday opened fire from the rooftops in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter rally. Five policemen are confirmed dead and six more are injured. This protest was 

one of the many recently held across the US after two black men were shot dead by police in separate incidents earlier this week.

RT: Obama has said as we've just heard that black people have a higher chance of being shot and killed by police. If the President is aware why isn't the situation better?

Dr. Randy Short: The situation has been bad for decades. It is only more visible for people who are not Black to know what the situation is. America has always had a history of intense racial violence and repression for African and Amerindians. Many people are not aware of this: The black population has a considerable relationship with the Amerindians, as I do. Violence, genocide, repression, dispossession has been a part of life for 500 years. So this is no surprise.

 The issue is, now America is unveiled before the rest of the world that it is hypocritical; it invades other counties over human rights; it points its finger at Russia, China, Iran and other countries. Yet, it’s human rights situation with the world’s largest dispossessed ethnic nationality group, in which I am in, the African American grouping, this is an embarrassment.

It is a face-saving gesture by Obama, who is Black, but not an African American to try to do something. But things will continue to get worse. The economy is bad here. Obama has completely failed to deliver anything to the 60 million or more Blacks here. Police violence has exploded during his administration, and the two black Attorney Generals have done nothing. So things are terrible here.

I think what Obama said was and still is very correct. But never forget that North American society has a tradition of being extremely violent, and this increased during the last years... There are various reasons: crime rate is completely out of control, especially those crimes that are linked to drugs. And drug trafficking means a lot of money. Therefore the gangs are highly organized and very, very violent. Second, you have a lot of extremists, North American extremists, neo-fascists, Ku Klux Klan, etc., who are violent in character. - Journalist Michael Opperskalski

Aside from this, America has a policy of eugenics where not only are you seeing large numbers of Blacks killed by the police. We maybe 50 percent of the population, but we are receiving close to 50 percent of the abortions, which means we’re being exterminated, and that is just a fact, and that is a policy. Planned Parenthood – the leading group that does it – this is funded by the government. In fact, President Obama had the nerve to say: “God bless Planned Parenthood” in 2013. So this is normal. In reality what has not been normal is when you begin to get numbers of people to protest the injustices here. We need to remember that America has a shocking history of killing, marginalizing, forcing into exile and destroying any groups that try even through basic reform techniques to change the situation for African-Americans has been met with violence and repression time immemorial here.

The situation in Dallas, I can assure you, has nothing to do with African-Americans. We have no sniping schools. The only Black sniper in the history of this country - John Muhammad - was trained by the US military. This impresses me as either a white nationalist militaristic type group, or a government black operation, a false flag, a mini 9/11. This has nothing to do with Black people. In fact, they are trying to cast it this way as a means to inflame hatred against the African-American people, who are simply saying ‘we have a right to exist’. I think you agree, I have a right to exist, the same way you have a right to exist.

RT: What is the reason for the conflict?

RS: The reason for the conflict is the United States is an empire. America is an empire that has conquered and dominated people who are ruled by the White Anglo Saxon Protestants, called WASPS, the Anglo elites, people like the Bushes… You have people who have been conquered. They’ve been victims of empire: Puerto Ricans, Aleutians, African Americans, indigenous Hawaiians, Amerindians. People from Europe came and took land that wasn’t theirs and enslaved and destroyed the people, brought over other people and made them slaves… We need to understand that the wealth of America, the wealth of the people here, has been what they’ve been able to steal from the Black and the Indian. That’s what made America rich and powerful…

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