Rio Olympics 2016: Coach K makes it clear Team USA does not 'live' on a boat

Tuesday - 09/08/2016 09:58
"I just do what I’m told," Butler said. "I’m told to sleep on a boat, so I sleep on a boat."

The United States men's and women's basketball teams are staying on a cruise ship while in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics, but they don't live there.

When USA men's coach Mike Krzyzewski was asked Monday night by a French reporter what it was like living on a boat, Krzyzewski gave a lengthy response that made it clear Team USA is just visiting.

"Well, we don't live on a boat," Krzyzewski said, via the Raleigh News & Observer. "We're staying on a boat. I actually live in Durham, N.C., and have a swimming pool. Once in a while I get on a raft and lie in there. But I've never really thought about living on a boat. Since 1992 the U.S. teams have stayed in different locations and because of the accommodations here, that was good.

"And it's not our boat. We're not the only people on the boat. There are other people on the boat that we see, that we say 'good morning' to, 'hello.' We've actually made friends on the boat. I never knew I would have boat friends. In fact now that I'm talking about it, I might go buy a boat. And put it in my — I’d have to have a bigger swimming pool. It’s a place to stay and we’re here to play basketball.

"And I’ll tell you what, the people in Rio have been unbelievable as far as their treatment of us and their hospitality. We’re fortunate to be here for the Olympics whether we’re on a boat or not."

The question was also posed to Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler following USA's 113-69 win over Venezuela.

"I just do what I’m told," Butler said. "I’m told to sleep on a boat, so I sleep on a boat."

Krzyzewski concluded the press conference by saying, "I’m going to go back to the boat. See you guys. I get seasick, too."

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