Amy Schumer has been diagnosed with Lyme disease

Wednesday - 09/09/2020 12:58
Amy Schumer has gotten candid about her health. Picture: Robyn BeckSource:AFP
Amy Schumer has gotten candid about her health. Picture: Robyn BeckSource:AFP
After dealing with a difficult pregnancy, the comedian and actress has taken to social media to reveal the news about her current health battle.

Amy Schumer has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Opening up about her diagnosis on Instagram this week, the 39-year-old actress and comedian asked fans for their advice.

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Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that is transmitted through infected tick bites.

Some symptoms of early stages are headaches, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, fatigue and in some instances, rashes, but symptoms in later stages can be much more serious, including paralysis and neurological problems.

Schumer is among many celebrities who have revealed they have Lyme disease, including Bella Hadid, her mother Yolanda Hadid, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Shania Twain.

Schumer has been open about her health battles in the past, and most recently opened up about her struggles during pregnancy with her son Gene Fischer.

The star and her husband Chris Fischer have decided that if they wanted another baby, pregnancy was out of the question for them.

Amy Schumer and her son Gene. Picture: Instagram
Amy Schumer and her son Gene. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram​​​

“We did IVF and IVF was really tough on me,” Schumer said on Sunday Today with Willie Geist.

“I don’t think I could ever do IVF again.

“I decided that I can’t be pregnant ever again. We thought about a surrogate but I think we’re going to hold off for right now.”

More of her pregnancy struggles were documented in the docuseries Expecting Amy, available to stream on Binge, which follows the I Feel Pretty star as she embarks on a tour while pregnant with her son.

One of her biggest struggles she experienced was a severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum.


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