Tara Reade pushes back on AP report, calls to 'retract' headline about Biden complaint

Saturday - 02/05/2020 22:10
Wrongful headline

EXCLUSIVE: Tara Reade slammed The Associated Press on Saturday for its framing of a story regarding her Senate personnel complaint she filed against her former boss Joe Biden, calling for the news outlet to "retract" its headline.

The AP ran an exclusive on Saturday with the initial headline, "Harassment, assault absent in Biden complaint." The report details how she recalled using language like "uncomfortable" and "retaliation" instead of the term "sexual harassment."

"This is false," Reade had tweeted in response to a tweet from AP Politics, which read: "Tara Reade says a Senate report she filed against Joe Biden didn’t refer to sexual harassment or assault."

Reade later told Fox News that the "story itself is correct" but that the headline is "wrong."

An Associated Press spokesperson told Fox News that it "stands by its story."


"I do not know what is on the form until we see it. I filed a sexual harassment complaint and included retaliation," Reade said.

Reade said she told The AP that she had filed an "intake form" regarding sexual harassment but did not disclose the alleged sexual assault in the complaint.

"I asked AP to retract [the] headline," Reade told Fox News.


On Saturday evening, The AP changed its headline to "Reade: ‘I didn’t use sexual harassment’ in Biden complaint."

"The headline of this story was changed for clarity and to incorporate a direct quote from Reade," an editor's note read at the bottom of the article.

However, Reade told Fox News that it's "still incorrect" and "misleading."

"They're standing by the fact... that I said I don't think I used the term 'sexual harassment.' We didn't use it as much back in 1993, so I don't know but that's not to say that there isn't a box that I didn't check. Until we get that form, we don't know," Reade explained.


After Fox News reached out to The AP over its initial headline, a spokesperson pointed to the editor's note placed in the article.

On Friday, Biden finally broke his silence about 1993 allegations made by Reade, telling MSNBC the sexual harassment and assault claims "never happened."

Some of Biden's defenders shared the original headline Saturday, including Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who claimed that Reade was becoming "less credible by the moment."


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