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Why no one seems to know what ‘obstruction of justice’ actually means

Consider a crime we keep hearing about — obstruction of justice.

Throughout his career John Bolton has taken Winston Churchill’s maxim that ‘jaw-jaw is better than war-war’ and turned it on its head. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

John Bolton: the man driving the US towards war … any war

Donald Trump’s national security adviser is stoking tensions with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, in line with decades of taking the most hawkish position on any given issue

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Facebook co-founder says it’s ‘time to break up’ the social media giant in scathing op-ed

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has called for the break-up of the social media behemoth and lamented the “staggering” and “unchecked” power of CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a lengthy and searing oped.

‘The scale of China’s domestic surveillance apparatus is extraordinary.’ Photograph: Gregor Schuster/Getty Images

Is Chinese-style surveillance coming to the west?

The Chinese model is now being exported – and the results could be terrifying

The legend of Harlem's Apollo Theater

The legend of Harlem's Apollo Theater

Williams does a terrific job of layering decades of iconic music through the film.

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The making of Amazon Prime, the internet’s most successful and devastating membership program

An oral history of the subscription service that changed online shopping forever.

Fans come to take pictures and pay their respects in front of murals of Nipsey Hussle. Photograph: Alex Welsh/The Guardian

'This is historic': How Nipsey Hussle's death inspired peace talks among rival LA gangs

As the city mourned the rapper, local gang members saw an opportunity to unite longstanding rivals. But some fear any truce will be short-lived

The world is in peril, again, in "Avengers: Endgame."Marvel Studios

'Avengers: Endgame,' Marvel's triumphant finale, would be better without the genocide

Real atrocities make everyone weaker, not stronger. Is repurposing them as action-movie tropes actually heroic?

‘ME! amplifies the happily uncool persona that endears her to fans’ ... Taylor Swift. Photograph: PR handout

Taylor Swift's ME! is a musical-inspired return to her happily uncool brand

The first single from Swift’s seventh album is a defiant reassertion of her positivity – a rabidly upbeat ode to individualism

Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, standing, and to his immediate right the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, and the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, at an official reception following their talks in Vladivostok, Russia, on Thursday.CreditCre

Why the summit with Kim is a coup for Putin

Once again, it appears that the Russian leader has been able to position himself as an important diplomatic broker

Best Coachella in recent history?

Best Coachella in recent history?

How can we create programming that's really unique and also captivating to the audience?

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How the Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Spread

Within minutes, the spire collapsed, toppling to the side before breaking off.

The mental rigours of being US president

The mental rigours of being US president

Donald Trump is not the first president to be called unhinged, by political enemies and medical professionals alike. But some of his predecessors were manic depressives, bipolar and even psychopathic, say experts.

Julian Assange gestures to the media from a police vehicle on his arrival at Westminster Magistrates court on April 11, 2019 in London, England. Jack Taylor, Getty Images

Journalist or criminal: Julian Assange, notorious for leaks of US secrets, faces computer hack charge

Julian Assange's lawyer says the arrest was for breach of bail and an extradition request from the U.S.

FILE PHOTO: A truck carrying a poster relating to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is driven away from the Ecuadorian embassy, London, April 5, 2019 © Reuters / Peter Nicholls

Assange is a scapegoat, distraction for scandal-ridden Ecuadorian government

As he faces a major corruption probe, Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno is preparing to meet another demand from Washington by booting WikiLeaks journalist Julian Assange out of Ecuador’s embassy in London.

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, May 2019

The Awakening of Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West Reveals Plans to Take Bar Exam in 2022 in New Issue of Vogue

A Californian secession could cause a snowball effect (Credit: Getty) What If...  Politics What if California seceded from the US?

A Californian secession could cause a snowball effect (Credit: Getty) What If... Politics What if California seceded from the US?

Secession is extremely improbable. But looking at what could ensue if it happened underscores some fascinating truths about the US – and where power really lies.

Image copyrightYOUKU Image caption Hong Kong rapper Jackson Wang crying on talent show Chuang!

Do celebrities deserve private time?

What would you be prepared to sacrifice for a life in the spotlight?


Meet The Man Who Gave The World Justin Bieber

Scooter Braun is a veritable hitmaker — and he started with a 12-year-old nobody singing R&B covers in Stratford, Ontario. (An excerpt from Amos Barshad’s No One Man Should Have All That Power.)


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