Support for Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Grows, With European, Chinese Backing

Wednesday - 03/03/2021 10:05
SJ visits an airport in Rome to see how a digital health passport works.
SJ visits an airport in Rome to see how a digital health passport works.
U.S. holds back for now amid ethical and practical concerns

Many international travelers will likely need to prove they are vaccinated or free of Covid-19 if they plan trips later this year, after the European Union and China both said they would move ahead with plans for “vaccine passports.”

China is working toward launching certificates that will declare a person’s vaccination status or recent test results, according to its foreign ministry. Similarly, the European Commission plans this month to present proposals for a “digital green pass” for EU citizens, which will specify if someone has been vaccinated, and if not, carry details of their test results.

EU leaders expect it to take three months to get the program running.

“The aim is to gradually enable them [EU citizens] to move safely in the European Union or abroad—for work or tourism,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.

Last week, the U.K. said it, too, was looking at the pros and cons of digital passports, after initially ruling them out.

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