Perils of having Michael Jordan as a boss

Thursday - 13/12/2018 10:20
Michael Jordan slaps Malik MonkSource:Supplied
Michael Jordan slaps Malik MonkSource:Supplied
You never want to get on the bad side of one of the most competitive athletes of all time, as one NBA youngster brutally found out.

Michael Jordan was a straight up savage throughout the entirety of his basketball career, a trait that has carried over into his time away from the court.

Jordan’s insane competitiveness often got on the nerves of his teammates as he attempted to turn any little thing into a competition.

His love for gambling would see him turn even a friendly game of cards into a scene that would resemble the final table at the world series of poker.

It was Jordan’s drive to win at all costs that made him the games greatest ever player, and feared by opponents and even teammates.

Get on his bad side or do something to upset him and he was going to let you know about it. Just ask former teammates Steve Kerr and Will Purdue who both felt his wrath, in the form of punches to the face.

But now we have further evidence that the fire hasn’t flamed out for Jordan as he turned the blowtorch on 20-year-old Charlotte Hornets player Malik Monk.

Jordan has been the majority owner of the Hornets for eight years and regularly sits near the bench during home games.

On Thursday afternoon he made his presence felt after Monk make an inexcusable mistake late in the game.

As Hornets teammate Jeremy Lamb knocked down the biggest shot of the game to put the team up 108-106, Monk began celebrating thinking the game was over … it wasn’t.

The Hornets were assessed a technical foul which handed the Detroit Pistons one free throw and then gave them the ball back.

Langston Galloway took the free throw for the Pistons and brought the margin back down to one point and meant the final 0.3 seconds left everyone on the edge of their seats.

Of course the actual final play of the game never eventuated into anything and the Hornets escaped with the 108-107 victory.

Despite the team claiming the win over an Eastern Conference rival, Monk couldn’t escape the wrath of Jordan.

As the second year player made his way to the bench, Jordan began spraying the youngster before delivering a clip over the back of the head … not once, but twice.

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