Brazilian football legend’s home raided

Monday - 26/11/2018 16:21
Ronaldinho had car’s seized after failing to payback his debt.Source:News Limited
Ronaldinho had car’s seized after failing to payback his debt.Source:News Limited
He was once football’s biggest drawcard on the planet, but now a former Brazilian superstar finds himself in serious trouble with authorities.

Brazil legend Ronaldinho’s financial woes have taken a new blow — after luxury cars and artwork were seized by authorities.

Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho and his brother are being chased by officials amid claims he owes money for fines levied against the player’s charity.

The 38-year-old had his passport confiscated last month after state prosecutors attempting to recover money discovered just $8 in his bank account.

And now police in Brazil have raided a Ronaldinho family home to seize assets in a bid to guarantee the superstar pays the fines that are due.

Officers secured two BMWs and a Mercedes Benz from the property as they attempted to recover funds to meet a fine accrued by his charitable institute.

Ronaldinho isn’t in the good books of authorities.
Ronaldinho isn’t in the good books of authorities.Source:AP

The Brazilian Prosecutor of Justice and Defence of the Environment seized the

three luxury cars and a piece of art from the painter Andre Berardo from a house owned by Ronaldinho’s family in Porto Alegre.

The seizure was made to guarantee the payment of a fine issued for damage to

the environment caused by irregularities in the construction of the Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute in the city.

According to the Brazilian Public Ministry, the ex-player’s brother Assis Moreira and the Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute, which helps children and teenagers, were found guilty of environmental damage by the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul in 2013.

They were found to have cut down the native forest and carried out drainage and land movement without a licence.

The former star was at one time the best football player on the planet.
The former star was at one time the best football player on the planet.Source:AP

The guilty parties, who are also reportedly under a criminal investigation, signed a deal to pay for the repair of the damage but then never carried out the work, according to the Public Ministry.

Ronaldinho’s family lawyer, Sergio Queiroz, confirmed the cars and the painting had been seized and said he will hold a meeting with the Environmental Prosecutor Ana Marchesan in the coming days to try and resolve the issue.

Earlier this month, prosecutors seized Ronaldinho and his brother Assis’ passports after claiming they were impossible to contact regarding the payment of a $3 million debt.

Ronaldinho’s lawyer said he would appeal the decision and the case is ongoing.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.


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