I’m even more obsessed than I thought with the hidden second screen on this new phone

Wednesday - 28/11/2018 10:54
Image Source: Concept Creator, YouTube
Image Source: Concept Creator, YouTube
It’s a nifty design indeed, but there’s another smartphone maker I recently told you about that came up with a different solution for hiding the selfie camera. Actually, instead of hiding the front-facing camera, it was removed completely.

When it comes to smartphone design trends, 2018 was all about copying the notched display design the Apple used on last year’s iPhone X. Apple wasn’t the first company to slice a notch out of the top of its screen, but the iPhone X’s notch was unlike either of the two that came before it. Needless to say, this is the design that dozens of Android phone makers decided to copy. Now that 2018 is winding down and we’re heading into 2019, however, things are changing. The focus among phone makers is moving away from copying Apple and toward trying to get even closer to true all-screen smartphone designs.

Phone vendors plan to use all sorts of interesting new designs in an effort to get the bezels around their smartphone screens as narrow as possible. We’ve already seen things like selfie cameras that pop up from the top edge of a phone, but that solution is frankly ridiculous. A motorized selfie camera is just asking to break, especially when you can’t put a protective case on the phone or it will stop the camera from opening. But now there’s another smartphone vendor that has come up with a new solution, and I’m even more obsessed than I thought with it.

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