Prepare Yourself to Never Stop Hearing This New Justin Timberlake Song

Friday - 06/05/2016 22:24
You literally "Can't Stop the Feeling."​

Before you play the new track f-rom Justin Timberlake, pause just for a second and really try to remember this moment. This is what it's like to live in a world whe-re you have not heard "Can't Stop the Feeling." You'll never get this back. And maybe, come July, when you've heard this song thousands of times (and loved it!) you can think back and try to recall what it was like before.

Now play it. 

Okay, do you know how many times this summer you're going to be singing that line "I got that sunshine in my pocket" before that funky bass line d-rops? There's going to be so much shameful air bass in the coming days and weeks and months. I hope you're prepared for this. 

Every bar, every club, every cab, every party, every wedding, every birthday, every baby shower, every morning on the way to work, every evening on the way home, every barbecue, every time you put on the radio it will be: "Just dance, dance, dance."

And JT knows what he's done. Look at him in that video—that cheesy grin, that comment in the opening whe-re he says, "This will be the song," then stops himself before he says "of the summer." You beautiful, mad pop genius, JT.


Author: Esquire

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