Explosion reported on London Underground

Friday - 15/09/2017 07:30
AN explosion on a London train described as a “fireball that flew down the carriage” left 22 commuters with burns and sparked a panicked stampede.

A TERRORIST explosion on a London train has left commuters with serious burns and sent hundreds of others running for their lives, causing a panicked stampede.

The Friday morning commute in Britain’s capital descended into chaos after a “fireball flew down a carriage” at Parsons Green station, in London’s southwest.

Police are treating the incident as terror-related, as images emerge of the suspected improvised explosive device.

The blast, which occurred at 8.20am local time (5.20pm AEST) came from a plastic bucket inside a shopping bag, left by the tube carriage door.

Images on social media show several wires coming from the flaming container, which it appears failed to detonate in full.

Reports suggest the device had a timer attached to it.

This picture appears to show wires coming from the bucket
This picture appears to show wires coming from the bucketSource:Twitter

The Sun quotes an onlooker saying it was like a “fireball flew down a carriage” with panicked commuters diving out an open door.

And a man interviewed on BBC News said it was a “wall of flame down a carriage after a bang”.

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