RNC Night 3 takeaways: Pence calls Biden a 'Trojan horse' for the radical left, Kellyanne Conway touts Trump's record

Thursday - 27/08/2020 09:58
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Vice President Mike Pence slammed Joe Biden, saying the Democratic presidential nominee's proposals would leave Americans unsafe and vulnerable, calling him "a Trojan Horse for the radical left."

WASHINGTON – Republicans spent the third night of their convention promoting their law-and-order agenda and trying to appeal to women voters whom President Donald Trump will need to win reelection.

They showcased military veterans, national security officials, and police officers talking about how Republicans love the country by embracing its heroes. The speakers accused Democrats of allowing chaos and unrest in the name of racial justice.

"Democrats spent four days attacking America," Vice President Mike Pence said during his speech at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, referring to the Democratic convention last week. "Joe Biden said we were living through a “season of American darkness. But as President Trump said, 'where Joe Biden sees American darkness, we see American greatness.'"

RNC live: GOP hits law and order theme, Pence attacks Biden

The evening also revolved around women who said Trump had empowered them. Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and the president's daughter-in-law Lara Trump shared personal stories, describing Trump as compassionate and someone who supported them.

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