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Mount Agung eruption is happening and could get worse in Bali, say experts

Wednesday - 29/11/2017 11:57
EXPERTS have described the devastating developments happening inside the belly of one of Earth’s biggest volcanic beasts.

“IT’S like shaking up a bottle of Coke and then taking the lid off.”

Despite Bali’s Mount Agung volcano spewing huge plumes of volcanic ash, and lava, experts warn complacency is the island’s biggest enemy and that the worst is yet to come, including blinding ashfall and flying rocks that spew out of the volcano.

“This is an eruption, this is 100 per cent an eruption,” volcanologist Dr Janine Krippner told

“Lava is coming out of the volcano, there’s definitely enough to cause trouble. This can get much worse, you can’t outrun this.”

For months, magma inside Bali’s giant, belching volcano has been gradually rising to the top of the volcano, forcing the gigantic structure to rumble and shake.

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