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Rare medical condition has seen this...

SOME guys dream of adding an inch or two to their manhood, but this story may cause them to...

Disney beaches reopen, state believes it...

Walt Disney World reopened its beaches to guests Thursday, a source at the Florida theme park with...

Hurricane Matthew: Category Four storm...

The most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade has hit Haiti, bringing 145mph (230km/h)...

California fires: Two people burned in...

Another new fire, just to the north of the Lilac Fire, had consumed 300 acres. That blaze, called...

Dog has identical twin puppies

Outside of humans and one species of armadillo, identical twins seem to be vanishingly rare. Now for...

300 million children live in areas with...

Global study reveals huge number of children breathing toxic fumes more than six times over safe...

Rosetta mission ends in comet collision

Europe's Rosetta probe has ended its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object's...

Hurricane Matthew heads for Jamaica...

Hurricane Matthew has weakened slightly as it moves towards Jamaica, but is still packing winds of...

French President Emmanuel Macron Trolls...

Like many other world leaders, Macron reiterated his commitment to the international climate...

William Anders’s photograph of the Earth taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft in 1968.CreditWilliam A. Anders/NASA

Earth Will Survive. We May Not.

  •   13/06/2018 12:23:00 AM
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The biosphere is a cosmic power in its own right. It’s a planetary force that channels vast energies flowing from the sun and transforms them into ceaseless rounds of blind evolutionary innovation. 

(Photo: Emory Kristof, National Geographic)

The Titanic was discovered during a top-secret Navy mission

  •   03/06/2018 01:12:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 48
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Do you have a weird obsession with Titanic? Then make sure to check it out up close and personal... if you can afford it. 

MONTANA FISH, WILDLIFE AND PARKS / Bizarre theories have circulated online that it could be a werewolf or relative of Bigfoot

'Wolf-like' creature shot near Montana ranch puzzles experts

  •   27/05/2018 01:55:00 AM
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US wildlife experts are baffled by a "wolf-like" animal that was killed by a Montana farmer.

Full screen 1/51 SLIDES © Bruce Omori/ParadiseHelicopters/EPA-EFE/Rex/Shutterstock A 2,000 foot long fissure erupts within the Leilani Estates subdivision, on the east rift zone of the Kilauea volcano, igniting a home, a

Hawaii eruption destroys 5 homes as toxic gas and molten lava threaten residents

  •   07/05/2018 01:14:00 AM
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Magno said authorities are working on a plan that would allow residents temporarily back in to retrieve additional belongings if conditions allowed.

AFP / The volcano's plume of smoke and ash is visible from a great distance

Kilauea: Hawaii emergency declared over volcano eruption

  •   05/05/2018 12:50:00 AM
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Kilauea volcano has erupted near a residential area on Hawaii's largest island, prompting a local state of emergency and the mandatory evacuation of 1,700 residents.

GETTY IMAGE S/ Concerns over the health of honeybees and other pollinators have led the EU to push for a total ban

EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban

  •   27/04/2018 06:42:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 47
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Member states have voted in favour of an almost complete ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides across the EU.

Earth: One Amazing Day

Earth: One Amazing Day

  •   23/04/2018 08:39:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 45
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Over a single day, witness the planet like never before. From the highest mountains to the remotest islands, you’ll see moments in the wild you’ll never forget. Watch now.

The death rattle sounds different in different people.Source:Getty Images

Why the ‘death rattle’ means you’ve probably only got 23 hours left

  •   15/04/2018 05:09:00 AM
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ACCORDING to experts, the ‘death rattle’ is one of the signs that your time is coming to an end and death is near.

Talcum powder's links to cancer: What it really means

Talcum powder's links to cancer: What it really means

  •   12/04/2018 08:19:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 66
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Is baby powder dangerous?​ 

A model of China's Tiangong-1 space station. Picture: AP/Kin CheungSource:AP

China’s out-of-control Tiangong 1 set to crash into Earth over next 24 hours

  •   02/04/2018 04:12:00 AM
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AN out-of-control Chinese space station is hurtling towards Earth and is expected to re-enter our planet’s atmosphere today.

© Willie B. Thomas / Getty Images

Starbucks & co ordered to serve coffee in California with cancer warning

  •   31/03/2018 03:54:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 76
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A California superior court judge has ruled that all coffee companies, including global giant Starbucks, must use cancer warning labels on products. A discussion on fines is ongoing, but they could amount to $2,500 per customer.

NASA/CHRIS GUNN Image caption The part of JWST that holds the mirrors and instruments recently passed its last big space simulation

JWST: Hubble 'successor' faces new delay

  •   28/03/2018 08:00:00 AM
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The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope has been delayed yet again and will not now launch until "approximately May 2020".

EPA / A worker clears snow near "The Last Three" sculpture in New York

Spring snow storm blankets eastern US

  •   22/03/2018 06:26:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 135
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A storm blanketing the north-eastern United States with snow, ice, and winds has caused travel chaos and work closures on the first full day spring.

Second nor'easter in a week blasts New England

Second nor'easter in a week blasts New England

  •   08/03/2018 07:28:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 70
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The storm has mostly passed in most areas in the Northeast. While it's not as strong as last week's as far as wind and waves, it will produce a lot of snow, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said.

Melon listeria kills three in Australia

Melon listeria kills three in Australia

  •   03/03/2018 08:01:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 111
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A third person has died in Australia after eating melon contaminated with listeria bacteria.

Molly Cranna for TIME

Can Alcohol Help You Live Longer? Here’s What the Research Really Says

  •   24/02/2018 05:36:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 81
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Though the study has not yet been published in a scientific journal, it triggered a spate of booze-praising headlines. But can alcohol actually help you live longer? Researchers have gone back and forth on that question for years. Here’s what the research really says about alcohol and health.

© Ivan Maximov / Getty Images

Masturbation is killing up to 100 Germans a year, warns forensic physician

  •   12/02/2018 04:30:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 90
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Risky masturbation kills 80 to 100 Germans a year, claims a Brandenburg physician who is shining a light on the unpredictable and often clandestine killer.

Starman sits in Elon Musk's cherry red Tesla roadster after the Falcon Heavy rocket delivered it into orbit around the Earth. Picture: AFP/SpaceXSource:AFP

Space car cruises further than expected towards asteroid belt

  •   08/02/2018 06:46:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 124
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ELON Musk’s space car has overshot its target and is now heading towards the dangerous asteroid belt.

SpaceX's big new rocket blasts off for Mars carrying red sports car

SpaceX's big new rocket blasts off for Mars carrying red sports car

  •   07/02/2018 10:25:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 92
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SpaceX's big new rocket blasted off Tuesday on its first test flight, carrying a red sports car aiming for an endless road trip past Mars.

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