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Rare medical condition has seen this man’s penis grow to 10 times the human average

Rare medical condition has seen this...

SOME guys dream of adding an inch or two to their manhood, but this story may cause them to...

Angelic teen depicted as ‘monster’

Angelic teen depicted as ‘monster’

HE TOLD detectives he stabbed his 14-year-old girlfriend’s mother to death after she caught the pair...

Brigitte Trogneux will be France’s most unorthodox First Lady yet

Brigitte Trogneux will be France’s most...

BRIGITTE Trogneux raised plenty of eyebrows in the lead-up to France's presidential election - and...

Was Melania Trump's speech plagiarized from Michelle Obama?

Was Melania Trump's speech plagiarized...

Here's the excerpt from Obama in 2008:

AP reporter's terrifying trip on 1,000-foot-high glass slide

AP reporter's terrifying trip on...

Heights have never fazed me.

Heart-stopping video shows two-year-old rescuing his twin brother trapped beneath a fallen bookcase

Heart-stopping video shows two-year-old...

A QUICK-THINKING two-year-old saved his twin brother’s life after he was trapped under a heavy...

‘He can lie about anything’: What Trump’s ghostwriter really thinks of him

‘He can lie about anything’: What...

WHILE Donald Trump spent the day preening at the Republican conference, one individual with rare...

Is it all over for non-creepy clowns?

Is it all over for non-creepy clowns?

Being a clown is no laughing matter when everyone thinks you are evil. Can the profession fight back...

Baby Jazlene Branham buried in Chicago through the kind hearts of strangers and charities

Baby Jazlene Branham buried in Chicago...

BABY Jazlene Branham never left hospital.

Four women wear masks and little clothing as they take on a shift at the club. Picture: Sergey Melnitchenko

Inside the seedy world of China’s underground vice clubs where prostitution is rife and strippers bathe in tubs of beers

  •   07/08/2017 11:03:00 AM
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TAKE a peek inside China’s underground vice clubs where anything goes as scantily-clad workers bathe in beer and drink with clients.

Kiari died months after drinking boiling water. Source: Facebook / Leotis Lee

Girl, 8, dies months after dare to drink boiling water through straw

  •   04/08/2017 09:33:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 70
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An eight-year-old girl has died just months after she was dared to drink boiling water through a straw.

A drone video of a WA croc swimming with a cow in it's mouth has gone viral. Picture: Trip in a Van/Facebook

Monster croc filmed swimming in the Kimberley with a cow in its mouth

  •   25/07/2017 08:16:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 117
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A MASSIVE crocodile about five metres long has been filmed swimming in the Kimberley with a cow in its mouth, making global headlines.

Gaston took a fatal tumble at the end of Beauty And The Beast. Picture: Disney.

Why Disney villains all die the same way

  •   25/07/2017 12:05:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 78
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ALL Disney villains tend to have a lot in common — inflated ego, extreme jealousy and a serious chip on their shoulder.

© AFP PHOTO / Glacier 3000 | Handout picture, distributed on July 18, 2017 by Swiss cable cars company Glacier 3000, shows the mummified remains of the Swiss couple who went missing 75 years ago.

Swiss couple found perfectly preserved on glacier 75 years after disappearing

  •   18/07/2017 01:49:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 140
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A couple that disappeared in the Alps 75 years ago has been found preserved in a receding glacier, ending decades of uncertainty for their seven children, Swiss media reported Tuesday.


Wife says 'never go to bed angry' after waking from row to find husband dead on sofa

  •   11/07/2017 09:20:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 139
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But when beauty therapist Mrs Murrell woke up the next morning she discovered that her husband had died overnight.

GTY bald eagles

Virginia man pleads guilty to killing a bald eagle by shooting, running it over with an ATV

  •   11/07/2017 09:15:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 129
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The witness said she saw the individual drive in a circle and run over the eagle at least three to four times before he dragged it into the woods.

Aaron Rajman made his professional MMA debut in 2014 and and had a 2-2 record

MMA fighter Aaron Rajman killed by Florida home intruders

  •   05/07/2017 05:13:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 123
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A mixed martial arts fighter has been killed by intruders in the US state of Florida, police say.

Man’s proposal to his girlfriend and her sister goes viral. Credit:

Indiana man proposes to long-term girlfriend and her sister for a heartwarming reason

  •   05/07/2017 04:37:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 115
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A MAN from Indiana has gone above and beyond to include his girlfriend’s younger sister in his marriage proposal.

Baby Arthur is breathing via a respirator

Brazilian family hold hope for 'miracle' baby shot in womb

  •   04/07/2017 06:04:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 149
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A Brazilian baby who was shot in the womb by a stray bullet has been deemed a miracle for surviving and his family hope he will overcome injuries to walk one day.


The surprising reason why most men cheat

  •   20/06/2017 03:00:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 148
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According to a shocking survey of 2,000 adulterers, European men stray because they can’t resist the temptation of the other person.


New Jersey high school under fire for erasing Trump slogans from yearbook

  •   12/06/2017 07:16:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 129
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The allegations referenced above are disturbing


PornHub releases new stats on what users are searching for

  •   12/06/2017 12:32:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 125
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PORNHUB, the world’s most popular porn website, knows what you search for. It has now published data on porn habits.

Katy Perry hosts Live: Witness World Wide. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images/AFP

Katy Perry ranks sex with Orlando Bloom, John Mayer and Diplo

  •   11/06/2017 07:28:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 175
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JUST when you thought you’d seen it all during Katy Perry’s bizarre Big Brother-style four-day YouTube live stream, it’s gotten a lot weirder.

Clash of the titans at MacRitchie: Python vs king cobra

Cobra battles python on Singapore reservoir trail

  •   02/06/2017 09:23:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 207
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The video shows the cobra slither up behind the python and bite it on the body before fleeing into the bushes.

Kathy Griffin

President Trump Scolds Kathy Griffin: She ‘Should Be Ashamed’

  •   31/05/2017 01:43:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 143
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Griffin's ad campaign with Squatty Potty, a Utah-based bathroom products company, had been suspended, the company said.

Wait! You’re telling me we can take this key and use it in a different car.

Here is why your car key can unlock somebody else’s vehicle

  •   29/05/2017 03:48:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 152
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A CANADIAN woman recently used her car keys to gain access to a stranger’s identical vehicle and this problem is far more common than you would think.

Lalita Ben Bansi in her wedding dress with groom Ravi Shankar

Indian acid-attack bride finds love from a wrong number

  •   25/05/2017 07:19:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 168
  •   Feedback: 0

Indian acid-attack victim Lalita Ben Bansi beamed with joy at her wedding near Mumbai this week.

Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has been subject to repeated hoaxes about her death

The Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory returns

  •   15/05/2017 06:59:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 254
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A hoax conspiracy theory that Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne is dead has resurfaced on the 15th anniversary of the release of her hit single Complicated.

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