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US Bachelorette’s painful interview: ‘You’re better than this’

Friday - 22/09/2017 20:04
SAVAGE. If you think Bachelor contestants only go on the show for their 15 minutes of fame, you’re going to love this brutal interview with the current US Bachelorette.
Nobody's having a good time in this interview.Source:YouTube
Nobody's having a good time in this interview.Source:YouTube

AMERICAN talk show host Wendy Williams is famed for her sometimes confrontational interview style, and she certainly pulled no punches when it came to her latest guest, current US Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

Williams isn’t a fan of the show — in fact she doesn’t watch it, which she announced within seconds of Lindsay taking her seat on stage.

The Bachelorette star spoke lovingly about her chosen groom, contestant Bryan Abasolo, but Williams wasn’t buying it.

Lindsay said the pair planned to marry in “fall or winter of next year — we’re not going to rush it,” prompting this reaction from Williams:

Nobody's having a good time in this interview.
Nobody's having a good time in this interview.Source:YouTube

“You rushed the engagement. You’re the same girl who just met this guy on reality TV. Your father is a judge and your mother is a decent woman, and your parents raised you WELL, and put you through college and law school, only for you to find love on a reality show?”

Lindsay protested that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to present herself positively as an African American woman while getting a chance at love — but Williams wasn’t buying it.

“You had a chance to be on TV and in every magazine, is what I’m thinking. That’s also very alluring for people these days; everybody wants to be famous.”

Wendy Williams was not having it.
Wendy Williams was not having it.Source:YouTube

And on it went. Williams offered her guest “Congratulations, [although] I don’t think you can find love on reality TV.

“I dig you, but I just feel like your smarts are better than this,” she continued.

Lindsay extended Williams an invite to her wedding — which did not go down well.

“You just met him on the show in March ... and you think this is going to work?”

Bringing Lindsay’s beau out after the break only made things worse, as Williams accused the pair of plotting their own reality television cottage industry, saying she expected to watch them marry and have children on screen.

Watch it in full below:

Source: News Corp Australia Network:

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