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The Hell That Was Watching Kim Kardashian and Alec Baldwin Chat for an Hour

Tuesday - 23/10/2018 00:13
The second episode of ‘The Alec Baldwin Show’ featured a grueling sit-down talk between the reality-TV superstar and SNL’s Trump.
Heidi Gutman/ABC
Heidi Gutman/ABC

On Sunday night, two incredibly rich, historically problematic individuals sat down for a televised meeting of the minds. 

Alec “Black People Love Me” Baldwin and Kim “Bo Derek Braids” Kardashian are a conversational match made in hell, and this chat was yet another reminder that we’re currently living in it. To recap, Alec Baldwin’s #Resistance consists of softly parodying the president on SNL while the world burns around him. But Baldwin has consistently displayed Trumpian tendencies himself—so, naturally, ABC gave him his own talk show

As The Daily Beast previously reported, to Baldwin’s predictable social media ire, the actor has a history of lashing out at women and journalists with sexist and homophobic put-downs, as well as of defending accused abusers. All of this makes him perfect for Kardashian, who has experience dealing with Donald Trump—and with Trump supporters, like her husband. As Kim recently admitted, she’s come to accept Kanye West’s newfound Republicanism as a means to an end, saying, “I am aware that Kanye speaking out in favor of Trump got me through the door—got him to pick up my call.” But while Kardashian has inarguably used her influence to do some good, this is hardly the time to just stand in the back and watch as your life partner co-signs a racist president, spreads false information and amplifies far-right voices

Billed as “a conversation with Kim Kardashian West,” the second episode of The Alec Baldwin Show was a surprisingly dull showing, most likely due to Baldwin’s confusing interview style, which found him ricocheting between an unsolicited Mick Jagger impression and some incredibly clichéd questions. There are many, many things I’d like to ask Kim Kardashian—like, why? And him?!—but “What would you like to see your kids enjoy that you’ve enjoyed” is not one of them. Baldwin’s journalistic bag of tricks also includes repeatedly referencing “research” that’s been done for the interview and “figures” that have been compiled, while refusing to actually cite said figures.


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