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Clinton bikini/niqab mural becomes black wall as Melbourne authorities win censorship battle


2 years ago

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After seeing the mural of the woman in the niqab, with just her eyes visible, which was created by a street artist known as Lushsux, Maribyrnong Council in Melbourne did not take kindly to the new creation. 

A post on social media by Lushsux with the caption “Looks like the council wins” shows a council worker with a brush painting over the Muslim woman, so the wall is completely black in a move that Lushsux told RT was "pathetic." 

The controversy originally started after Maribyrnong Council threatened Lushsux with a fine after he painted a mural of Democratic presidential candidate Clinton wearing a star-spangled swimsuit with $100 bills tucked into it. Lushsux said he got the idea from a meme on the internet and wanted to paint it so “the virality of the meme has now turned into the virality of the wall.”

However, not everyone shared his vision of the art he was trying to create. 

“We believe that this mural is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, and it is not in keeping with our stance on gender equity,” the council’s chief executive, Stephen Wall, said. 

Lushsux confirmed that the mural of the Democratic presidential candidate was not removed “because it was Hillary” rather because of her lack of clothes. At least, that’s what the council claim, though it’s something that he disputes.

“I don’t quite understand why that is offensive by any means. She is not naked,” he told RT. 

Lushsux briefly had his Instagram account shut down, while he was given 10 days to remove the “offensive” mural by the council, which is exactly what he did. In its place, he created a painting of a Muslim woman wearing a niqab.

“I could have done her pantsuit that she always seems to wear in different colors, but I tried to think of a way to counter the narrative that they are saying something is offensive – a woman who is not even naked is offensive,” the street artist explained to RT.

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