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YouTube may be Google's most potent weapon against Facebook

Tuesday - 06/03/2018 20:49
  • YouTube may give Google a leg up in its battle with Facebook over supremacy in the digital advertising market.
  • US consumers already spend more time watching YouTube videos than they spend on Facebook — and that lead is likely growing, Pivotal Research Group noted in a research report Tuesday.
  • While YouTube has been dinged for hosting controversial and amateur videos, half of all the time consumers spend on the site is spent watching videos from the largest media companies, Wieser noted.
  • Such data could make YouTube a more compelling place for national advertisers, he wrote.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch

In its battle with Facebook for consumers' attention and advertisers' dollars, Google may have a not-so-secret weapon — YouTube. 

Collectively, US consumers already spend more time on YouTube than they do on Facebook, Brian Wieser, a financial analyst with Pivotal Research Group, reported in a research note Tuesday. And that gap seems likely to grow — while Facebook members are spending less time on the social network, people are spending more time watching YouTube videos, Wieser noted. 

"Given YouTube's relative scale ... ongoing growth at these levels is a notable trend for the industry," Wieser said.

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