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10 Things You Never Knew About Five Guys

Thursday - 20/07/2017 13:15
Despite how many times you've stopped at Five Guys to get your fix, you might not know these fun facts about the company.

Five Guys was named America's favorite burger chain in 2017, but if you've been eating there for years, you don't need anyone to tell you it's the best. Known for its extremely juicy burgers and piled-high fries, Five Guys has won over a nationwide fandom comprised of people who love a really great fast-food meal that's both good quality and cheap. Despite how many times you've stopped at Five Guys to get your fix, you might not know these fun facts about the company. Prepare to become an even bigger fan of the chain as you learn about its history, ingredients, and more ahead.

Image Source: Flickr user Bex Walton
Image Source: Flickr user Bex Walton
  1. Five Guys started in Arlington, VA, in 1986.
  2. It's a family-owned business. Four brothers, along with their parents Jerry and Janie Murrell, started it from the ground up. Years later, a fifth brother was born - hence the name.
  3. The family strives to keep a mom-and-pop feel to it. In a video interview with ForbesFive Guys CEO Jerry Murrell said, "I've always noticed, in every small town, there's always a place where you can get a good burger; usually a mom-and-pop place. I thought, 'Just have a place like that.'"
  4. Five Guys uses fresh ground beef with an 80/20 ratio (lean meat to fat ratio) for its burgers, and employees form the patties by hand every day.
  5. There are no freezers in Five Guys locations.
  6. Five Guys only uses peanut oil.
Image Source: Flickr user Elsie Hui
Image Source: Flickr user Elsie Hui
  1. The first international Five Guys location opened in London in 2013.
  2. There's an estimated 250,000 ways to customize your order.
  3. Five Guys takes fries very seriously. "They're our passion," one of Murrell brothers said of Five Guys's famous fries. Five Guys buys about 140 million pounds of potatoes from Idaho every year. The employees cut them by hand and soak them in water to rinse off the starch, resulting in a better texture when fried.
  4. There are no timers allowed in Five Guys kitchens, so the cooks have to pay close attention to detail when preparing food.
  5. There are almost 1,500 locations across the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East.


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