The Supreme Court decision that will put more taxes on internet sales is good news for you

Saturday - 23/06/2018 12:57
This week's court decision lets states close that loophole and will ultimately lead to a more rational tax system — which will be good for the public, even if it means missing out on deals from time to time

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Jeff Bezos
 Axel Springer/Business Insider

President Donald Trump says the Supreme Court decision in Wayfair vs. South Dakota is a "great victory for consumers and retailers." 

He happens to be right, even if the real reason he likes this decision is he thinks it's bad for Amazon and Jeff Bezos. 

The decision reverses two Supreme Court rulings from decades ago, which said states couldn't require retailers to collect and remit sales taxes if those retailers weren't physically located in the taxing state. 

In pre-internet times, there was a certain logic to this: Offline tax collection was complex and burdensome — especially since sales tax is often levied not just by states but by municipalities — and consumers did the vast majority of their shopping at brick-and-mortar stores anyway.

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