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Why So Many Employers Are Getting Rid of Sick Days

Monday - 31/07/2017 12:55
Sick leave is not a federal guarantee in the United States, even though many people think it is

We’ve all had the weekday morning roll around when the night before is all too fresh in our minds — or perhaps a hazy mess. Or there’s that morning when you wake up and just simply can’t deal with facing your boss and that nasty co-worker who is always making your life miserable. Perhaps you simply need a day away from the spreadsheets, customers, and mind-numbing routine you call work.

In most companies, your only way out involves pulling a modern-day Ferris Bueller, running a thermometer under hot water (or whatever makes you feel slightly better about your subterfuge), and then calling your boss — hoping he buys the sniffles you’re conjuring up. Taking a much-needed personal day turns into a mini saga reminiscent of the soap operas your mom used to watch, and you spend half your day wondering whether they’ll believe you the next time you really are sick.

Thankfully, a more flexible approach in the modern workplace means companies are making paid time off more versatile, too. Not only can you avoid the cloak-and-dagger approach to taking a personal day, but a more malleable PTO schedule benefits employee engagement and job satisfaction, as well.

But first, did you know you actually don’t have a right to sick days in America?

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