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Who should be teaching our kids about...

WHEN I was in year six, my teacher flipped past a page in the sex ed book de jour, What’s Happening...

Man Worried About Wife’s PitBull When...

My wife and I owned two dogs that we had owned before we met and brought into the marriage. Her dog...

Now Trending: Body Shaming Pregnant...

he online body-shaming trolls have been out in full force this week, offering unsolicited opinions...

Plastic Surgery Could Have Killed The Human Ken Doll

Plastic Surgery Could Have Killed The...

Given the huge strides made by the body positivity movement and the mental healthcare communities,...

Maggie The Kelpie, ‘World’s Oldest Dog,’...

She would have been about 164 in human years.

Why the map of the world is not as accurate as you think

Why the map of the world is not as...

BRACE yourselves, this may turn everything you know about the world map on its head.

Chris Brown Publicly Slams The Mother Of...

Maybe next time send a text, eh Chris?

New video may show last glimpse of...

Newly released surveillance video may have captured the last time two Florida teenagers were seen...

Sleep paralysis – when reality and your...

PICTURE this: You wake up in the middle of the night, but you’re completely frozen. You’re awake and...

Rare medical condition has seen this...

SOME guys dream of adding an inch or two to their manhood, but this story may cause them to...

Hurricane Matthew: Category Four storm...

The most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade has hit Haiti, bringing 145mph (230km/h)...

California fires: Two people burned in...

Another new fire, just to the north of the Lilac Fire, had consumed 300 acres. That blaze, called...

Disney beaches reopen, state believes it...

Walt Disney World reopened its beaches to guests Thursday, a source at the Florida theme park with...

Dog has identical twin puppies

Outside of humans and one species of armadillo, identical twins seem to be vanishingly rare. Now for...

Rosetta mission ends in comet collision

Europe's Rosetta probe has ended its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object's...

300 million children live in areas with...

Global study reveals huge number of children breathing toxic fumes more than six times over safe...

Hurricane Matthew heads for Jamaica...

Hurricane Matthew has weakened slightly as it moves towards Jamaica, but is still packing winds of...

Why acetaminophen is the 'most common...

Health Canada boosts labelling requirements, but some doctors want extra-strength products off the...

Rare medical condition has seen this...

SOME guys dream of adding an inch or two to their manhood, but this story may cause them to...

Brigitte Trogneux will be France’s most...

BRIGITTE Trogneux raised plenty of eyebrows in the lead-up to France's presidential election - and...

Inside the seedy world of China’s...

TAKE a peek inside China’s underground vice clubs where anything goes as scantily-clad workers bathe...

Heart-breaking moment dog was brought to...

A HEARTBROKEN family have shared the intimate moment a beloved dog was allowed into hospital to say...

Angelic teen depicted as ‘monster’

HE TOLD detectives he stabbed his 14-year-old girlfriend’s mother to death after she caught the pair...

Police say Mara Salvatrucha gang...

A NOTORIOUS street gang dubbed “world’s most feared” is allegedly sacrificing underage girls in...

The Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory...

A hoax conspiracy theory that Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne is dead has resurfaced on the...

Incredible pictures of forgotten tribe...

THESE incredible images reveal how a remote tribe in the Ecuadorean rainforest has learned to hunt...

CNN host eats human brains, sparking...

Reza Aslan, the host of "Believer" on CNN, is under fire for a scene on his show in which he ate...

Getty Images

New Ad Featuring Transgender Man Shows Absurdity of ‘Bathroom Bills’

  •   03/05/2016 06:06:14 PM
  •   Viewed: 1287
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Just like campaigns that sought to humanize gays and lesbians through personal narratives in the fight for same-sex marriage, a new ad (above) f-rom the organization Freedom for All Americans revolves around a transgender man’s experiences.

Getty Images

Man who served 10 years for '64 NYC killing cleared of crime

  •   03/05/2016 08:46:27 PM
  •   Viewed: 518
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At the request of a prosecutor, a judge exonerated 81-year-old Paul Gatling for the 1963 shooting death of Lawrence Rothbort in his Brooklyn home.


Tiny Boat Dock Gets A GIANT Surprise Visitor

  •   04/05/2016 12:28:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 588
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Wait for it...

Getty Images

Don't Go to Chick-Fil-A, Mayor De Blasio Tells New Yorkers

  •   05/05/2016 05:42:43 PM
  •   Viewed: 763
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The popular chicken restaurant is planning to open up a new location in Queens, its fourth to open in New York City.

Image by Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Coconut Cluster Granola

  •   06/05/2016 10:07:15 PM
  •   Viewed: 547
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The author and cook Melissa Clark takes you into her kitchen to show you how easy it can be to make exquisite and delicious meals.


This Man Was Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison For Killing His Prom Date With Rough Sex

  •   06/05/2016 10:20:23 PM
  •   Viewed: 641
  •   Feedback: 0

Eddie Herrera, 20, who attended Aldine's MacArthur High School, was convicted of assault for choking 17-year-old Jacqueline Gomez during sex in a hotel room after prom on May 16, 2014. She was found dead the next morning in the hotel bed.

Federal c-harges against Michael Slager include deprivation of civil rights

South Carolina Officer Faces Federal Civil Rights C-harge in Wal-ter Scott’s Death

  •   11/05/2016 05:42:24 PM
  •   Viewed: 419
  •   Feedback: 0

Slager, who is free on bail on state c-harges, will not have to pay any additional bond in the federal case. He entered a not-guilty plea during the federal hearing.

REUTERS/Jason Reed

Texas fertilizer plant blast that killed 15 was criminal act: ATF

  •   11/05/2016 05:44:56 PM
  •   Viewed: 450
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ATF Special Agent in C-harge Rob Elder said a reward of up to $50,000 was being offered for the person or persons responsible for starting the blaze at the West Fertilizer Co.

© C-harles Platiau / Reuters

French teen broadcasts suicide on Periscope after naming man who ‘raped’ her

  •   11/05/2016 09:32:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 1124
  •   Feedback: 1

A French teenager has broadcast her suicide on social media, showing viewers the moment she jumped in front of a train in Paris. The girl announced on the video she was a victim of sexual violence, naming the man who she claimed raped her.

Sanford police officer Timothy Smith holds up the gun that was used to kill Trayvon Martin. Joe Burbank / AP

George Zimmerman Auction For Gun He Used To Kill Trayvon Martin Removed

  •   12/05/2016 02:06:13 PM
  •   Viewed: 598
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Bidding for the gun was supposed to open at $5,000 at 11 a.m. Thursday but a link to the auction said: “Sorry, but the item you requested is no longer in the system.”

Remember Jason Biggs in American Pie? Yeah, he gets it.

It’s International Masturbation Month – but is porn harming your brain?

  •   12/05/2016 02:14:03 PM
  •   Viewed: 1727
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LADIES and gents, gather ’round. Let’s talk about International Masturbation Month.

The Pike County homes whe-re members of the Rhoden family were shot and killed are moved f-rom the victims' properties by the Ohio Attorney General's office in order to secure the crime scenes. The Enquirer/Carrie Cochran

Scenes of death roll slowly down Ohio highways

  •   13/05/2016 08:15:17 AM
  •   Viewed: 829
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Authorities seeking answers in the April 22 mass killing of seven Rhoden family members and one's fiancee said placing the residences in storage is important for the investigation and for surviving relatives.

A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine in Irvine, California September 30, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Obama administration to issue transgender restroom guidance to schools

  •   13/05/2016 08:27:40 AM
  •   Viewed: 720
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The Obama administration letter will say schools may not require transgender students to have a medical diagnosis, undergo any medical treatment, or produce a birth certificate or other document before treating them according to their gender identity.

Thomas Manning at the Massachusetts general hospital in Boston. Doctors had spent three years preparing for the operation. Photograph: Sam Riley/AP

First man to receive penis transplant in the US hopes for a normal life again

  •   16/05/2016 09:32:38 AM
  •   Viewed: 700
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Surgeons attach dead donor’s penis to 64-year-old who had his penis amputated to prevent a cancerous tumour f-rom spreading

YOUTUBE The hungry snake swallows the first of four eggs after sneaking into the nest.

Man Shoots Time-Lapse Video Of Bird’s Nest, Gets Surprise Ending

  •   16/05/2016 10:05:19 AM
  •   Viewed: 695
  •   Feedback: 0

It was a front-row seat to the circle of life — just not the part he was expecting.

Not surprisingly, his wife failed to respond. Picture: Ben Patterson/Facebook.

Dad becomes viral sensation following frantic texts to his wife, after toddler vomits in car

  •   17/05/2016 12:19:04 PM
  •   Viewed: 1033
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PREPARE yourself for some parenting comedy gold.


116-Year-Old Italian Woman Named World’s Oldest Living Person by Guinness

  •   17/05/2016 12:59:26 PM
  •   Viewed: 1151
  •   Feedback: 0

At 116 years and 169 days old, Emma Martina Luigia Morano of Vercelli, Italy, is now the world’s oldest living person.


CEOs Now Make 335 Times More Than Average Worker: Study

  •   17/05/2016 06:47:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 536
  •   Feedback: 0

The pay gap is alive and well.

This crusty ol' chap is actually a prop f-rom the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Picture: TSA

BREKKIE WRAP: Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie send prop through TSA screening

  •   17/05/2016 07:46:20 PM
  •   Viewed: 1229
  •   Feedback: 0

HAVE glacial delays at airports finally taken their toll on one poor soul?

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