High-heel walkers spill their secrets for walking tall without falling short

Tuesday - 19/03/2019 09:40
(Photo Treatment by ABC News) Tips For Heels
(Photo Treatment by ABC News) Tips For Heels
Step in style while gliding gracefully.

High heels have been a go-to shoe for years but can also have you begging for a foot rub due to the pain sometimes associated with wearing them.

To keep it totally 100, there's also the scary thought of falling flat on your face because, well, keeping your balance isn't always easy for everyone.

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Even stars on red carpets -- who we would think were pros -- have reportedly sought out solutions such as CBD oil to ease foot pain while wearing heels.

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Though many of us complain, there are still many more of us willing to continuously strut and stand tall in high heels. But there has to be easier ways of dealing with them, right?

To get answers, "Good Morning America" tapped six busy career women who consistently wear heels almost every day of the week. Ahead, learn some of their best tips for rocking this elevated footwear gracefully in addition to why they love heels so, so much.

Jessica Wang

"Walking in high heels can be tricky, especially on slippery surfaces. To combat this, look into adding non-slip grip pads underneath the soles and always make sure you're wearing the correct shoe size." - Blogger at Notjessfashion.com

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Why do you enjoy wearing high heels? I love wearing heels because they make every outfit appear more elevated and drastically improve anyone's posture. I also love the way they make me feel -- confident and sexy. That being said, heels can be painful after a long day.

How do you walk in heels without tripping or falling? The most practical advice I can offer is to take small steps, which will eventually lead you into taking bigger strides confidently. Also, stand up straight as you're walking. If you're new to wearing high heels, you'll have a natural tendency to lean forward. So try keeping your posture centered and straight as this will help balance that weight and prevent you from looking awkward.

How do you avoid dealing with pain when wearing high heels? There are a few effective tricks to relieve pain when wearing heels. Some of my favorites are wearing inserts that act as a cushion for the feet, band-aids as a protective layer and applying silicone straps when necessary.

I also don't recommend wearing new shoes out all day. Always break them in first, which you can do by walking around the house in them before a real event or filling some plastic bags with ice and inserting them into your shoes to stretch them out.

Kéla Walker

"Gel insoles help out a lot and soften the impact feel in heels. If you must have a certain pair of stilettos which are just too high, a good cobbler can shave off an inch, which can make a huge difference." - New York City-based TV host and producer; lifestyle expert at KelasKloset.com

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Why do you enjoy wearing high heels? There is something about a great heel that empowers me as a woman. They make me feel strong and feminine. Heels change your whole posture, you stand up straight, walk proud and feel empowered in a way that a flat simply can never do. Also, they’re the punctuation to every outfit. They can make or break a look.

How do you walk in heels without tripping or falling? You put one foot in front of the other and take your time. It’s not a race, walking in heels is about grace. With that said, it’s important to buy shoes that are comfortable for you. They should be your size and hug your feet securely yet gently. The right fit makes all the difference in your walk. It doesn’t matter how good they look if they don’t fit properly.

How do you avoid dealing with pain when wearing high heels? Heels with a platform definitely help. Overall, it’s important to know the endurance of your heels and what you’ll be doing in them. Not every heel is on par for every occasion. Are they door-to-door shoes or can you dance the night away in these shoes? These are questions to ask yourself before picking pair. You have to pair the right heels with the right occasion and know how long you can withstand them.

Smart women know to strategize their time in heels -- wear comfy footwear during the commute, and do the infamous switch up right before entering the venue and vice versa for the return home.

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Hooria Nekzai

"I wear heels almost everyday!" - Toronto-based wedding planner and lifestyle content creator at SayLaVeh.com

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Why do you enjoy wearing high heels? I love wearing heels because it makes me feel sexy, in charge and I feel put together.

How do you walk in heels without tripping or falling? It takes many, many years of practice.

How do you avoid dealing with pain when wearing high heels? My husband is an athletic therapist, so I am spoiled with foot massages, but I also use hacks such as taping together my toes when wearing certain styles.

Sade Solomon

"Remember ladies, the key to walking in heels is to walk with confidence: back straight and heads high." - Founder of Conversations Beyond (conversationsbeyond.com)

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Why do you enjoy wearing high heels? I love the height that heels give me as I'm walking down New York City streets. It gives me a feeling of great confidence and pulls together every look I'm wearing. Heels are the finishing touch to every outfit!

How do you walk in heels without tripping or falling? I mostly wear a short thin, block, square or chunky heel, which I find the easiest to walk in while commuting through NYC. Also, working in retail management, where I was forced to wear heels for 4-6 hours daily, helped me learn how to really walk in heels. Lastly, the key to walking in heels, without falling, is confidence and posture. Walk with your back straight and head held high.

How do you avoid dealing with pain when wearing high heels? I never really think about pain when I'm wearing heels. Doesn't the saying go, "Beauty is Pain?" However, I would recommend insoles, finding a shoe that fits correctly and getting pedicures regularly.

Ericka N. Goodman-Hughey

"The higher the heel, the closer to God." - Senior editor at espnW

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