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Bride Surprised at Wedding by the Recipient of Her Late Son’s Donated Heart

Tuesday - 11/07/2017 12:44
Green had decided on his own to be an organ donor when he was 14 and got his driver’s permit, Becky explained.

Becky Turney’s son Triston Green passed away two years ago. After the teenager died, 20-year-old Jacob Kilby received Triston’s donated heart. In a move that brings tears to our eyes just thinking about it, Becky’s husband Kelly planned a way for Triston to be at his mother’s wedding. Jacob was a surprise guest at the ceremony, and of course with him came Triston’s heart.

(Photo: Facebook/Love Adventured)
Her wedding day included the very best surprise. 
(Photo: Facebook/ Love Adventured )

“Her son couldn’t be here for the wedding day but Becky’s groom Kelly Turney, surprised her by flying Jacob up to Alaska to stand in as a groomsmen, carrying Triston’s heart,” photographer Amber Lanphier shared on the Facebook page of her business, Love Adventured LLC. “Kelly stopped the ceremony to introduce Jacob to Becky for the first time.”

When she saw Jacob, Lanphier captured the priceless look on Becky’s face. “It was shock, immense joy, excitement — I squealed like a little girl,” Becky told Yahoo Style. “I jumped up and down.”

Green had decided on his own to be an organ donor when he was 14 and got his driver’s permit, Becky explained. “When we got the news that he wasn’t going to make it, right away I requested to speak to a doctor about organ donation,” she said. “It was not until we met with the donation team that they came in with a copy of his donor paperwork and they said he had already signed. We honored that decision. It comforts you to know that your child can save lives through death. It’s something that you’re just proud. My child just became five other people’s hero.”

When Kilby passed away in Nevada, Kilby had been in a hospital in California for 45 days awaiting a heart transplant. He had received one previously as a child, but at 18, that heart began to fail him, due to a complication called cardiac allograft vasculopathy. He spent a year and a half on the transplant waiting list.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the gift that I have and respect the gift that I have,” Kilby told Yahoo.

After he received his new heart, it was Kilby’s aunt who first began to correspond with the Turneys, but then the couple reached out to him on Facebook. They got along well enough that when Kelly came up with the idea to surprise Becky, Kilby agreed. He arrived a few days before the wedding. “Once I figured out how good of a guy Kelly was, and he wasn’t some weirdo in Alaska, we bonded and clicked,” he said. “This is actually the first wedding I’ve been to, so that was cool. I doubt any wedding will top this one.”

Someone thought to bring along a stethoscope for the occasion, through which Becky got to listen to her son’s heart beating in Kilby’s chest.

“Everyone was so moved by this and I had to share this amazing story,” Lanphier wrote. “I had the pleasure of hearing Jacob share his gratitude and plans for a heart healthy life to Triston’s sister before the ceremony. I am so blown away by his story and his amazing outlook on life. You couldn’t ask for a better recipient to receive such a gift.”


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