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The Absolute Best Reactions to Beyonce’s Birth Announcement Is Breaking the Internet

Wednesday - 01/02/2017 15:21
Beyoncé announced that she is expecting twins with husband Jay Z on Wednesday.

Leave it to Queen Bey to make the ultimate statement with a casual Instagram post. Beyoncé commanded the attention of not only the her fans, but the entire when she announced on Wednesday that she was pregnant with twins via a picture of her growing belly on Instagram.

In the image, Bey shows off her bare belly while clad in a sheer veil, while sitting amid a plethora of flower because even a pregnancy announcement is a chance for aesthetic excellence when you are Beyoncé.

Within fifteen minutes of the announcement, there were more than 17,000 tweets about it, according to Twitter. Needless to say, the web had all of the feelings about Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement, taking to social media to sound off on the new Knowles-Carter progeny.

Some were overjoyed with the news, especially with the conflicts going on in the world.


- Lauren Duca (@laurenduca) February 1, 2017

Others acknowledged that this news was cause for jubilee.

*cancels therapy session*

- Tanya Chen (@Tanya_Chen) February 1, 2017

It brought joy to so many people.

this just cured my depression thank you

- king crissle (@crissles) February 1, 2017

All could agree that the event was definitely newsworthy.

.@NBCNews Special Report coming?

- Shaquille Brewster (@shaqbrewster) February 1, 2017

Others appreciated the thought that Queen Bey put into the aesthetics of her pregnancy announcement.

I am whatever religion that Beyonce pregnancy announcement photo is.

- Anne T. Donahue (@annetdonahue) February 1, 2017

Of course, the Internet still had their jokes.

'Beyonce is not having twins. Period.'

- Laura Bradley (@lpbradley) February 1, 2017

And many acknowledged that these babies were blessed to be a part of the Knowles-Carter family.

Beyoncé is pregnant with twins!!! I hope I'm one of them.

- Ben J. Pierce (@BenJPierce) February 1, 2017

Others were quick to point out that she would be performing during Coachella while she was pregnant.

Beyoncé is going to headline Coachella while pregnant with twins.

- Tyler Coates (@tylercoates) February 1, 2017

Still others welcomed the announcement during a busy week.

bey announced her pregnancy while I was filing my taxes, she knew I needed returns

- Aaron Edwards (@aaronmedwards) February 1, 2017

But all could agree — Beyoncé having twins is truly a blessing.

Beyoncé sensed that we were all in need of good news, and so Beyoncé got pregnant with twins. Beyoncé is a woman of and for the people.

- Kelly Andersen (@kellyamedia) February 1, 2017


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