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Canadian man tricks cops with car made of snow

Thursday - 18/01/2018 22:55
A Canadian man’s prank on cops was pure as the driven snow.

Simon Laprise says he tricked officers when he created a life-sized version of a Deloreon DMC-12, made famous in “Back to the Future” from the fluffy white stuff that was outside his home in Montreal this week.

The machinist and designer posted on Facebook about his personal snowmobile, and later shared a picture of a confused policeman who stopped and stood next to it.

“You made our evening,” the officer wrote, in French, on a ticket posted by Laprise.

Laprise said it took him four hours to create the car. (Facebook)


The creator said that it took him four hours to create the fake Deloreon, originally meant to prank snow removal teams.

Laprise joked that the vehicle had been “towed to the snow depot” but added that it was destroyed when the roads were cleared.

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