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Man whose epic, icy faceplant video was seen by millions: ‘It’s not my first spill’

Friday - 12/01/2018 11:22
This was an, ahem, epic fall.

There comes a day for those who dare walk outside after a wintry mix falls when they tumble tail over teakettle to the icy, cold ground. Not just a stumble or a slip, but a full-fledged wipeout. A pratfall. A faceplant. A day when man meets ice, and ice triumphs.

For Tim Besecker, a 49-year-old salesman from Ashburn, Va., that day was Tuesday. A widely shared security camera video shows Besecker venturing out of his home after a bout of freezing rain, then slipping and recovering — before sliding about 20 feet down his driveway to his front lawn, where he finally eats it.

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