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Man Worried About Wife’s PitBull When...

My wife and I owned two dogs that we had owned before we met and brought into the marriage. Her dog...

Topless Russian tourist dies after...

A SEMI-NAKED tourist was killed after leaning out the window of a speeding car and was hit by a lamp...

Madonna’s nip slip — right next to...

MADONNA suffered an epic fashion fail at a top runway show yesterday when she accidentally flashed a...

Bodybuilder Andy Page’s mysterious death...

GOLD Coast fitness model Andy Page posted a video on Saturday morning about her “lean breakfast” and...

Miss California messes up answer about...

THE Miss USA beauty pageant didn’t go on without a slip-up. Miss California was almost speechless...

WWE’s Asuka Suffers Shocking Nip Slip On ‘Raw’ — See Pic Of Her Wardrobe Malfunction

WWE’s Asuka Suffers Shocking Nip Slip On...

Oh no! During an interview on ‘WWE RAW,’ Super Star Asuka’s costume revealed a little too much. See...

Melrose Place star and Clavin Klein...

FORMER Calvin Klein model and Melrose Place star, Antonio Sabato Jr, has announced he will run as a...

Singer Christina Milian’s red carpet...

CHRISTINA Milian flashed a bit too much as she stunned on the red carpet of her Live by Night...

Chelsy Davy looked a little reflective during the royal wedding over the weekend. Picture: NBCSource:Supplied

Royal wedding: Prince Harry’s ex Chelsy Davy sparks a multitude of memes

  •   20/05/2018 08:16:00 PM
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CHELSY Davy and Prince Harry split up years ago, but that didn’t stop viewers from going to town on her sad expression.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: The real star of the royal wedding.Source:Twitter

Royal wedding: Harry and Meghan stifle giggles as US bishop steals the show

  •   19/05/2018 02:57:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 43
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HE STOLE the show at the royal wedding, now the US Bishop has revealed the feeling in the room and what the couple said to him afterwards.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, looks amazing in a bikini. (Photo: Instagram/only1mrsn)

People are freaking out (again) at how amazing Jada Pinkett Smith's mom looks in a bikini

  •   15/05/2018 08:51:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 73
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Some demanded to know the grandmother’s workout routine, and one even commented, “I’m 23 and I don’t look this good.” 

Off-duty police officer, mom hailed as hero for taking out would-be robber at Mother's Day event near school

Off-duty police officer, mom hailed as hero for taking out would-be robber at Mother's Day event near school

  •   14/05/2018 05:00:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 38
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Sao Paulo Governor Marcio Franca visited Sastre at her police station and honored her for the act of bravery.


Cardi B deletes her Instagram after row with Azealia Banks

  •   13/05/2018 08:42:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 42
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Cardi B has deleted her Instagram account and set her Twitter to private after a row with Azealia Banks.

Stormy Daniels Puts on Wet, Wild Strip Show in New Orleans

Stormy Daniels Puts on Wet, Wild Strip Show in New Orleans

  •   10/05/2018 02:19:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 97
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She reportedly charged fans $20 for a photo, and another $20 per autograph.

Meek Mill

Meek Mill on nightmare prison stint “God put me in a position to be the voice for the voiceless”

  •   09/05/2018 10:00:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 47
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Meek Mill said he lived a nightmare as he dreamed of being free as he sat in a jail cell for five months.

104-year-old scientist David Goodall 'welcomes death' at Swiss clinic

104-year-old scientist David Goodall 'welcomes death' at Swiss clinic

  •   09/05/2018 09:42:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 62
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Goodall said he would have preferred to have died when he lost his driver's license in 1998, adding that the loss of independence at 94 was a big moment in his life.

The bizarre incident on Massachusetts Turnpike was caught on dashboard camera. CBS BOSTON

Video captures man jumping on school bus in middle of Massachusetts Turnpike

  •   04/05/2018 12:13:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 56
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"I just think he needs help."

Comedian Michelle Wolf performs during a gig in New York City on June 29. Wolf asked Saturday night whether the media is "obsessed with Trump."

Wolf routine stuns White House Correspondents' Dinner

  •   29/04/2018 04:11:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 60
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Trump administration officials walk out as comedian attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others, delivering a harsh, risque performance in the president's absence.

Forbes / Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar Greatest Royal Rum

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble results: Roman Reigns fails again; Brock Lesnar is still Universal champion

  •   27/04/2018 03:55:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 86
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Reigns fails again.

I can’t stop watching this video of Brock Lesnar, Cesaro and Randy Orton kicking a soccer ball before Greatest Royal Rumble

I can’t stop watching this video of Brock Lesnar, Cesaro and Randy Orton kicking a soccer ball before Greatest Royal Rumble

  •   27/04/2018 03:52:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 66
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WWE Superstars... they’re just like us!

Kanye WestSource:Supplied

Has Kanye finally gone too far? Kim K steps in over bizarre Twitter tirade

  •   25/04/2018 06:57:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 47
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HE’S fired his manager and lawyers, declared his love for Trump and fielded emergency phone calls from Kim K over his weird tweets.

Washington, DC, on April 24, 2018. © Jim Watson / AFP

Melania keeps escaping Trump’s tenderness, Macron offers his hand and cheek (VIDEO)

  •   25/04/2018 08:42:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 75
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The Twitterati were quick to mock the Trumps’ relationship, with some social-media users describing the behavior as a “hand-holding-by-coercion attempt.”

Controversial porn actor Mia Khalifa was threatened by ISIS for wearing a hijab in a porno.Source:Twitter

Controversial porn scene that lead to Mia Khalifa’s death threats

  •   23/04/2018 07:53:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 52
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FAMOUS porn star Mia Khalifa has spoken about the controversial scene that led to threats she would be executed.

Bikini designer Karina Irby, 28, proudly showed off her "booty gains" over four years. Picture: Instagram Liz Hurley shows off ridiculous bikini body in the MaldivesSource:Instagram

Bikini designer claps back at trolls who call her fat

  •   22/04/2018 03:29:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 55
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DESIGNER Karina Irby showed off her “booty gains” over four years on Instagram. But not everyone was loving her new look.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted on Saturday that a source

NYT Reporter Hits Back At Trump, Says She Knows Who The 'Drunk/Drugged-Up Loser' Is

  •   22/04/2018 07:21:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 53
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Haberman also added a bit of new information from her reporting, revealing that one source told her that Trump is “abusive to everyone.”

Katy Perry had a cheeky wardrobe malfunction.Source:TwitterKATY Perry’s look of horror was quickly replaced by laughter as she realised she split her pants while filming a scene for American Idol. The pop star was sitting next to her fellow judges wh

Katy Perry shows off wardrobe malfunction during ‘American Idol’

  •   17/04/2018 10:22:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 110
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KATY Perry has suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the set of American Idol with her pants splitting during filming.

Kim Kardashian wasn’t the smartest person on her Family Feud team. Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Family Feud host Steve Harvey reveals Kim Kardashian wasn’t very good at the show

  •   17/04/2018 10:16:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 69
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STEVE Harvey hosts Family Feud in the US and he’s told Ellen DeGeneres what Kim and Kanye were really like when they taped an episode of the game show.

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