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Man Worried About Wife’s Pit Bull When Baby Is Born Is Completely Blown Away by What He Does

Man Worried About Wife’s Pit Bull When...

My wife and I owned two dogs that we had owned before we met and brought into the marriage. Her dog...

Topless Russian tourist dies after leaning out the window of a speeding car for a video

Topless Russian tourist dies after...

A SEMI-NAKED tourist was killed after leaning out the window of a speeding car and was hit by a lamp...

Bodybuilder Andy Page’s mysterious death leaves friends and family devastated

Bodybuilder Andy Page’s mysterious death...

GOLD Coast fitness model Andy Page posted a video on Saturday morning about her “lean breakfast” and...

Miss California messes up answer about gap between rich and poor during Miss USA pageant

Miss California messes up answer about...

THE Miss USA beauty pageant didn’t go on without a slip-up. Miss California was almost speechless...

Policeman at NBA Finals caught staring at female Golden State Warriors supporter

Policeman at NBA Finals caught staring...

OH, HOW easy it is to forget that we all are but mere humans.

Madonna’s nip slip — right next to daughter Lourdes

Madonna’s nip slip — right next to...

MADONNA suffered an epic fashion fail at a top runway show yesterday when she accidentally flashed a...

Singer Christina Milian’s red carpet wardrobe malfunction

Singer Christina Milian’s red carpet...

CHRISTINA Milian flashed a bit too much as she stunned on the red carpet of her Live by Night...

Justin Bieber slams fans over new ‘girlfriend’ Sofia Richie

Justin Bieber slams fans over new...

JUSTIN Bieber has threatened to privatise his social media after his fans unleashed a torrent of...

Anderson Cooper

CNN Says Someone Hacked Anderson Cooper's Twitter Account And Called Trump A "Pathetic Loser"

  •   13/12/2017 06:16:00 PM
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The tweet was sent from a phone in New York while Cooper was in Washington, DC, a CNN spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Brazilian police officers pose with a drug trafficker nicknamed Rogerio 157 shortly after he was arrested in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, December 6. (Photo posted on social media)

Brazilian police take selfies with the drug lord they just arrested

  •   12/12/2017 12:45:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 74
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Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro arrested one of the most wanted drug lords in the country on December 6. A few of the officers used the opportunity to pose for smiling selfies with him.

Chris Brown has been criticised for giving his three-year-old daughter a pet monkey. Picture: Bryan Steffy/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Chris Brown slammed by fans after buying daughter a monkey

  •   09/12/2017 07:47:00 AM
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CHRIS Brown has been slammed by fans as “irresponsible” after he revealed the unusual gift he gave his daughter.

Man’s hilarious take-down of racist woman at airport goes viral.Source:Facebook

Man’s hilarious takedown of racist woman at airport goes viral

  •   07/12/2017 10:41:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 159
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WHEN a woman questioned why Emmit Walker, an African-American man, was in first class, his response sparked a round of applause.

PHOTO: Dean Smith, who introduced the bill to legalise same-sex marriage to the Senate, congratulates Tim Wilson. (ABC News: Marco Catalano)

Tim Wilson proposes to his partner after bill introduced to House of Reps

  •   04/12/2017 09:05:00 AM
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Liberal MP Tim Wilson has proposed to his long-term partner Ryan Bolger in the House of Representatives, shortly after the same-sex marriage bill was introduced to the Lower House

The Twitter account of Donald Trump. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Trump retweets British far-right leader's anti-Muslim videos

  •   29/11/2017 09:20:00 AM
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US president shares tweets from Britain First’s Jayda Fransen, who was convicted of religiously aggravated harassment

© Tunes Arabia - تيونز أرابيا / YouTube

Bahraini cover of ‘No Woman, No Cry’ raises eyebrows on social media (VIDEO)

  •   26/11/2017 03:49:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 104
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A choir of Bahraini men singing a cover of iconic Bob Marley’s reggae song “No Woman, No Cry” in Arabic garments sparked mixed reactions on Twitter. Some praised the stylish remake and others pointed to the state of women’s rights in Gulf monarchies.

Getty Images

Malia Obama's Harvard boyfriend revealed to be British student Rory Farquharson who was head boy at Rugby School

  •   22/11/2017 08:13:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 124
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Malia Obama's boyfriend has been revealed to be a former British public schoolboy who met the former first daughter at Harvard University.

Ellen's latest guest is pretty hard to scare.Source:YouTube

Ellen’s hilarious prank fail: ‘This was the worst scare we’ve ever done’

  •   21/11/2017 12:29:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 111
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ELLEN loves to scare and surprise the celebs that come on her talk show. This time around, it backfired spectacularly.


Malia Obama Kissing, Tailgating at First Harvard-Yale Game

  •   20/11/2017 10:20:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 123
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Go Crimson!

President Trump pauses during remarks to take a sip of water, Marco Rubio chimes in

President Trump pauses during remarks to take a sip of water, Marco Rubio chimes in

  •   15/11/2017 09:15:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 120
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Social media goes crazy when President Trump awkwardly took a sip of water during a recent press conference. For many, it was a throwback to Marc Rubio's similar antics back in 2013. USA TODAY

U.s. President Donald Trump struggles with the traditional handshake at the start of the ASEAN summit, Picture: APSource:AP

US President Donald Trump captured in awkward cross-body handshake at ASEAN summit

  •   13/11/2017 09:26:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 152
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DONALD Trump has been caught in one of the most unusual moments of his presidency so far during a ‘family’ photo at the start of a regional summit.

Kim Kardashian West apologizes for Aaliyah Halloween costume: 'We don't see color in my home' (ABC News)

Kim Kardashian West apologizes for Aaliyah Halloween costume: 'We don't see color in my home'

  •   05/11/2017 10:23:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 80
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Earlier this week, Kardashian West detailed how she celebrated Halloween this year.

Message on Twitter page that reads: "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!"Image copyrightTWITTER Image caption For a short time visitors could only see a message that read: "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!"

Twitter employee 'deactivated' Trump account on last day

  •   03/11/2017 09:39:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 126
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US President Donald Trump's Twitter account briefly vanished on Thursday but has since been restored, the social media company said.

Tyrese Gibson Sobs 'Please Don't Take My Baby' in Emotional Plea to Ex-Wife

Tyrese Gibson Sobs 'Please Don't Take My Baby' in Emotional Plea to Ex-Wife

  •   02/11/2017 02:37:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 111
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The actor continues to cry and pace around the room before he starts talking directly to Norma again.


Snoop Dogg Mocks Trump Assassination ...

  •   01/11/2017 11:24:00 AM
  •   Viewed: 132
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Kim Kardashian West Dressed Up As Aaliyah For Halloween, And Twitter Wasn’t Feeling It

  •   30/10/2017 10:39:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 112
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This weekend, Kim Kardashian West went all out for Halloween and dressed up every single day. On Saturday, the reality star dressed up as late R&B star Aaliyah, and Twitter wasn’t happy at all.

Just because a tech company has announced a product doesn't mean employees are free to share or talk about it before release -- just ask Microsoft.

Apple fires employee after daughter's iPhone X video goes viral

  •   28/10/2017 07:34:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 135
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All the same, it's hard not to sympathize -- the engineer had poured his heart into the iPhone X, only to be let go the week before the handset reaches customers.


High school's 'Wizard of Oz' dance routine will blow your ruby slippers off

  •   18/10/2017 07:17:00 PM
  •   Viewed: 282
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This Arizona high school’s “Wizard of Oz” dance routine will blow your ruby slippers off.


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