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Neil Gorsuch being sworn in as 113th Supreme Court justice

Monday - 10/04/2017 10:15
Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate, 54-45, on Friday after a contentious few days, during which Democrats blocked consideration of his nomination by using the minority party's power to filibuster. Republicans got around the roadblock by changing the Senate's rules to eliminate the 60-vote threshold needed to bring high court nominations to the floor.
636274129352055125 USP News  Confirmation Hearing Neil Gorsuch 5
636274129352055125 USP News Confirmation Hearing Neil Gorsuch 5

WASHINGTON — It's Justice Gorsuch today.

Neil Gorsuch was being sworn in as the 113th justice in the history of the Supreme Court on Monday — but more importantly, as the ninth justice who will bring the court back to full strength after 14 months in the wilderness.

Chief Justice John Roberts did the first set of honors in a private ceremony in the justices' conference room, where Gorsuch took his judicial oath, his hand on a family Bible held by his wife, Louise. All the current justices were in attendance, along with most of their spouses. Also present were Gorsuch's two daughters, as well as the widow and a son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, whose seat Gorsuch will take.

Two hours later at the White House, Gorsuch will take his constitutional oath as a federal employee from Justice Anthony Kennedy, the longest-serving current justice, who employed Gorsuch as a law clerk nearly a quarter-century ago. President Trump, who nominated Gorsuch on Jan. 31, will attend.

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