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Human remains, wreckage f-rom EgyptAir...

EGYPT’S civil aviation minister has told relatives of the passengers of the EgyptAir crash there are...

How South African women are reclaiming...

African women have worn headscarves for many years for religious, cultural reasons and even as a...

Kenyan police launch inquiry over attack...

Video appears to shows three officers taking turns to hit and kick apparently unconscious man who...

Body part and seats f-rom EgyptAir flight MS804 found, says Greece

Body part and seats f-rom EgyptAir...

Greek defence minister says debris also including suitcases discovered, but that cause of crash...

EgyptAir 804 Black Boxes Remain...

The crucial black boxes f-rom EgyptAir Flight 804 have yet to be recovered after the plane...

Oscar Pistorius legal team pushes for...

REEVA Steenkamp’s father broke down in court as he told a dramatic sentencing hearing that Oscar...

Europe migrant crisis: Heartbreaking...

WARNING: Graphic and distressing image A HEARTBREAKING photograph of a drowned migrant baby in the...

Nigeria’s Buhari Travels to London for...

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is traveling to London on Monday to receive treatment for an ear...

U.S. Special Forces in Somalia firefight

No U.S. troops were wounded in what quickly turned into a firefight. Ugandan troops

© Peter Dejong, AFP | Jean-Pierre Bemba, 55, is the first man to have been convicted by the ICC for crimes of sexual violence in war.

ICC overturns murder, rape, pillage convictions of DR Congo ex-VP Bemba

  •   09/06/2018 03:13:00 AM
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International Criminal Court appeals judges have overturned the convictions of former Congolese Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba for atrocities committed by his forces in Central African Republic.

© Egyptian presidency / AFP | Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi giving a speech during his swearing in ceremony on June 2, 2018, for a second four-year term in office, at the parliament meeting hall in Cairo.

Egypt's al-Sisi sworn in for second term amid unrest

  •   02/06/2018 10:06:00 PM
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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi vowed to tackle jihadists and revive the economy as he was sworn in Saturday for a second four-year term after a wave of arrests.

© AFP file photo

This Country Just Voted To Allow Its President To Serve For Another 14 YearsThis Country Just Voted To Allow Its President To Serve For Another 14 Years

  •   21/05/2018 11:18:00 PM
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Human rights groups worry that the other changes to the constitution could deepen ethnic tensions and fuel more civil unrest.

REUTERS / Suspected cases are being treated at isolation hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo Ebola outbreak: WHO in emergency talks as cases spread

  •   18/05/2018 10:31:00 AM
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The World Health Organization (WHO) is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the risk of Ebola spreading from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

South Africa direct rule for North West province

South Africa direct rule for North West province

  •   14/05/2018 07:40:00 AM
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South Africa has taken over direct administration of North West province where corruption allegations have led to violent protests.

© AFP archives | File photo of French billionaire Vincent Bolloré

Togo will share info on Vincent Bolloré with French inquiry if asked

  •   04/05/2018 11:47:00 PM
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Togo will provide information to the French inquiry into billionaire Vincent Bolloré’s Africa operations if asked to do so, Public Function Minister Gilbert Bawara said on Friday, adding Togo "has nothing to add" on the matter.

Muhammadu Buhari (left) and Donald Trump. File photo / REUTERS/GETTY IMAGES Image caption Muhammadu Buhari (left) and Donald Trump

Nigeria President Buhari to meet Trump in Washington

  •   30/04/2018 06:42:00 PM
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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will become the first leader from sub-Saharan Africa to be received by US President Donald Trump when he arrives in Washington for talks late


Tiny African kingdom of Swaziland changes its name to eSwatini

  •   21/04/2018 01:18:00 AM
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Some Swiss have responded with relief as the countries often are confused on online forms.

© Wikus De Wet, AFP | Members of the South African military carry the coffin of anti-Apartheid icon Winnie Madikizela Mandela during her funeral in Johannesburg, on April 14, 2018

South Africa bids farewell to anti-apartheid icon Winnie Mandela

  •   15/04/2018 03:58:00 AM
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Tens of thousands of people sang, cheered and cried as the flag-draped casket of anti-apartheid activist Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was escorted from her official funeral on Saturday, after supporters defended her complex legacy with poetry and anger.

Jaydene's Preschool principal Landi Jacobs shows inside her mother's Knysna township home, South

Shanty town life: ‘They will beat their mothers with a brick’

  •   15/04/2018 03:52:00 AM
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SOUTH Africa’s townships can be dangerous places to visit but it can be even worse for those who live in them. We went inside the slums to find out why outsiders are ‘too scared’ to go near.

© Pius Utomi Ekpei, AFP | Cameroonian refugee Ben Ojometa, 75, sits to recuperate from injuries sustained fleeing Cameroon’s military in Agborkim town, Etung district of Cross Rivers State, southeast Nigeria, on February 2, 2018.

Cameroon's isolated Anglophones face humanitarian crisis

  •   13/04/2018 10:00:00 PM
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Cameroonians swept up in a conflict between anglophone separatists and the government are facing a humanitarian crisis, aid groups say as they struggle to reach people in remote areas that have become virtually off-limits.


More than 250 dead in Algerian military plane crash

  •   11/04/2018 08:12:00 PM
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Il-76 transport plane was carrying soldiers when it crashed in field soon after takeoff

Omar al-Bashir speaks to representatives of the ruling National Congress party on 2 April. Photograph: Ashraf Shazly/AFP/Getty Images

Sudan's president orders release of all political prisoners

  •   11/04/2018 08:10:00 PM
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Omar al-Bashir reported to be freeing those detained after unrest but details are unclear

© Stefan Huenis / AFP | Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari (C) proposes a toast in Lagos, on March 29, 2018.

Nigeria's President Buhari vows to run again in 2019 elections

  •   10/04/2018 07:53:00 AM
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Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari will seek another term in elections in February 2019, his office said on Monday, ending months of speculation about his plans after bouts of ill health.

Supporters of former president Jacob Zuma hold a tee-shirt with his picture, attend a night vigil on the eve of Zuma's appearance in the High Court in Durban, South Africa, Thursday, April 5, 2018. Former South African president Jacob Zuma has been s

South Africa ex-leader Zuma defiant as corruption case starts

  •   06/04/2018 07:56:00 PM
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Former South African president Jacob Zuma sat in the dock of a packed courtroom on Friday to face corruption charges and emerged defiant, telling supporters that the case against him was politically motivated

Egypt's election commission said there had been a 41.5 percent turnout [Reuters]

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi narrowly misses 100 percent of vote in Egypt

  •   03/04/2018 07:47:00 AM
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Ex-army general secures 97 percent win, final results show, in a poll where only challenger was a Sisi supporter.

Winnie Mandela was married to Nelson Mandela from 1958 to 1996 [Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters]

Uncompromising opponent of racial-segregation system maintained ties with Nelson Mandela despite their divorce in 1996.

  •   03/04/2018 07:14:00 AM
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Uncompromising opponent of racial-segregation system maintained ties with Nelson Mandela despite their divorce in 1996.

© AFP (archive)

South Africa's Zuma in court on April 6 on graft charges

  •   27/03/2018 09:32:00 AM
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Former South African president Jacob Zuma is set to appear in court on April 6 to face corruption charges, police said Monday, in a case that could see him jailed.

© Aminu Abubakar, AFP | Sandals are strewn in the yard of the school in Dapchi where 110 schoolgirls were abducted last month.

Boko Haram frees most girls abducted from Dapchi school

  •   22/03/2018 07:12:00 AM
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Boko Haram Islamists who kidnapped 110 schoolgirls in Dapchi, northeast Nigeria, just over a month ago have so far returned 101 of the students to the town, the government said on Wednesday.

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