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UFC commentator Joe Rogan reveals Mark Hunt vision for Brock Lesnar

Wednesday - 06/07/2016 07:44
POPULAR UFC commentator Joe Rogan has revealed he has been privately lobbying UFC boss Dana White to match Mark Hunt against Brock Lesnar for years.

Rogan broke down the card for UFC 200 — which is being hyped as the best night of fights in UFC history — on his podcast on Wednesday (AEST) and could barely contain his excitement at the prospect of the Australian heavyweight squaring off against the WWE superstar.

He rated the match-up marginally behind the headline fight between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight championship on his list of must-see fights.

“(Jones vs Cormier) is my number one fight, but for the freak show factor — Lesnar-Hunt is the freakiest freak show of the freak shows,” Rogan told the Joe Rogan Experience.

“When they were talking years ago about bringing Brock Lesnar back, Dana and I were having a conversation and I was saying ‘please Mark Hunt, please Mark Hunt’.”

The match-up just made sense, Rogan said.

“Look, if you’ve got a guy who is the big power wrestler that has a little bit of a problem with striking, who do you pit him up against?

Super Samoan.
Super Samoan.Source:Getty Images

“You pit him up against the guy who is built like a fire hydrant. (Hunt’s) only like 5’9” and has to cut weight to get down to 265 pounds (the heavyweight limit),” Rogan said.

“He hits like a f***ing asteroidal impact. He takes a shot as good as anyone that’s ever lived.

“He’s got these legs that don’t even look real. His knees look like you took 13 knees and glued them together. He’s so thick. His bones, his head, he’s just thick.”

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, who joined Rogan in studio, said Hunt also had the perfect mindset to tackle the former UFC champion.

“He’s not intimidated in the least by Brock Lesnar,” Schaub said.

Rogan: “By anything. By anything. Been there, done that. He’s a warrior.”

Beast mode.
Beast mode.Source:Supplied

The duo couldn’t help looking past this weekend’s contest in Las Vegas to speculate on what Lesnar’s future in the UFC could hold.

They agreed a Lesnar defeat — which would take his losing streak to three after his losses to Alistair Overeem and Cain Velasquez at the end of his first run in the UFC in 2010-11 — could send him into a second retirement.

“Let’s say worse case scenario for WWE and the UFC, Brock goes in there and gets (knocked out) in 30 seconds?” Schaub posed.

Rogan: “It’s done.”

Schaub: “It’s over, right. That’s three (defeats) in a row. He got murked (murdered) all three.”

Rogan: “Unless he decides this is what I want to do now. And I only have three or four years left in my body. He can’t possibly have that much time left in his body. He’s 38 years old, realistically a natural 38-year-old athlete, there’s not much time.

Professional knockout artist.
Professional knockout artist.Source:Supplied

Schaub: “But if he beats Mark Hunt? Let’s say he gets him down and does his Brock Lesnar ground and pound.”

Rogan: “If he beats Mark Hunt — and (Alistair) Overeem beats Stipe (Miocic at UFC 203 in September) — they set it up (Lesnar vs Overeem rematch). Could you imagine? And that’s not something outside the realm of possibility ... And if Brock shoots a power double on Overeem, pins him against the cage and beats him into oblivion.”

Schaub: “Then you’ve got the biggest star of all time.”

Rogan: “He’s the heavyweight champion. And then he wants to fight Cain again.”

Rogan and Schaub didn’t discuss what the result of this weekend’s fight would mean for Hunt, but as the “Super Samoan” has noted, a win over Lesnar — who is returning from a five-year absence — may not mean a lot for his ranking — and his pursuit of another title opportunity.

If that’s the case, a defeat should not do it much harm either.

But there’s no doubt this fight is the most high profile of Hunt’s UFC career and could vault his stardom to new levels. That may be worth more than anything.


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